3 Common Car Rental Myths in Singapore


car-club-provides-car-rental-in-singaporeToday public transports in Singapore are one of the reliable and convenient vehicles for many of us to move around. Undeniably, this has also resulted in the continuous growth of inaccurate perception regarding car rental services in Singapore. In this article, we would like to confute three false myths that some of us have had for long:

#1 It is expensive to rent a car

Many people think that renting a car is far more expensive than taking public transports. In fact, renting a car in Singapore is not as expensive as what you expect. The MRT is no less any crowded during peak hours and taking a taxi in Singapore is no less any cheaper nowadays. Today, renting a car can cost you as low as only SGD80 per day, inclusive of benefits such as unlimited mileage and allowing you to travel to Malaysia. One can even customise their car rental choices depending on their budget and preferences.

#2 The cars are not usually well-maintained

Many perceive the idea of car renting is getting cars which are third-, fourth-hand or insufficiently maintained, thereby compromising the safety of users on the road. However, today’s car leasing service has been made professional. The car leasing industry takes great care in making sure that the cars are always in good condition. Tyre got punctured in the middle of the road? Fret not! There are good car leasing companies that provide 24/7 roadside assistance to their customers.

#3 The price makes no difference whether I rent it earlier or on the spot

Many perceive the idea that they still have to pay the same amount – whether booking a rental car beforehand or walking in to lease a car. This is not true. Leasing a car before the exact date you need the car could save yourself some money when there are early bird promotions. Thus, making a car rental booking in advance could make a difference if you are able to grab a deal!

About Car Club

As a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Car Club Pte Ltd that provides professional car sharing services has made itself the largest car-sharing service provider in Singapore. Car sharing has definitely gained worldwide popularity as it is a popular service in New York, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and Singapore. Aiming to provide mobility choice as a service (MCaaS) to everyone, you can rely upon them for 24/7 car rental service. Check out more at https://www.carclub.com.sg/.

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