3 Things to Bear in Mind When Selecting the Right Bed for You and Your Family


FurnitureSG sells beds in SingaporeDon’t Buy a Bed Because of Its Firmness.

We were once young. We went through days sleeping on cheap and hence, non-quality mattress when we first moved out to a place far from our hometown for studies or works. Though we did not suffer backache then (still young maybe), however, we rarely experienced quality sleep; most of the time we had dreams or light sleeps that made us lethargic the next day.

Thus, a good bed is important in maintaining our general well-being because it ensures quality sleep to the sleepers. However, more often than not, we heard that a firm bed makes a good bed. While this is partially true, but one has to look beyond this in selecting the right bed because…

Types of beds support system in Singapore

Today one can find a variety of beds support such as cotton, foam, spring or coconut fibre (commonly known as coir mattress).

For example, as coir mattress is made from natural fibre from the husk of coconut, they are extremely firm and make a perfect support for kids who are still developing their bones, and for the elders who need it for added support. Thus look for a supportive bed rather than the firmness scale of a bed.

The space of your room matters

The most sought-after bed in Singapore is none other than a queen size bed. Not only it offers sufficient space for individual sleeper or the couples, it also able to comfortably fit into many standard bedrooms.

The general measurement of Singapore’s queen size bed is 152cm (wide) x 190cm (long). However, please bear in mind that this is without the size of the bed frame. You will need to consider this factor if you have a limited space to walk around after placing the bed frame. To this, storage bed has been gaining popularity as it also features storage function at the same time – and brand like Dunlopillo has bed which is 5 in 1 in design to maximise its flexibility.

Your choice of pillow is equally important

No matter how expensive and how good your bed is, it doesn’t give you a quality sleep without a good pillow too. A good pillow will support your neck and your spine aligned while you sleep. However, a good pillow for one may not be suitable for the others simply because everyone has their own sleeping position.

In general, a firm pillow makes the best deal, but for some, they might need a softer pillow (for back sleepers as they sleep lying) or a combination of firm and soft pillow because they sleep in every direction!

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