3D Printing in Singapore: 5 Wonderful Things to Print in 3D


There are thousands of things that you can do with 3D printing. The truth is, your idea and imagination is the limit. The sky-rocketing number of 3D enthusiasts tries to innovate and discover further ways to maximize the potential of 3D printing.

Although 3D printing companies in Singapore procreates new technology specs for these printing machines, the designs from collated thoughts gathered by 3D aficionados really set the bar high for what these printers could do.

Here are just five of the million things you can do with 3D printing:

1. Create some fashion sense by using 3D printing for jewelries and accessories. The amazing thing about this is easy production of any design of jewellery –may it be earrings, necklaces, rings, chokers, headbands and many other stuff which (we can say) ladies would enjoy.

2. Selfies and photo booth can be a whole lot of fun when 3D printing is concern. Developed technologies in and out of Singapore allow users to take selfies or photos and print it in 3D printer.

3. House products and utensils. The production of any house material depending on the design skills is possible.

4. Customized gifts for loved ones in any occasion. You may no longer need to buy gifts every occasion because you may use 3D printer to create gifts of your choice. Likewise, the good side is it can be modified or customized.

5. Toys for kids to enjoy playing with. 3D printers have been used thoroughly in toy productions and plastic figures making it possible to create one for your kid.

The limitless possible ways to create using 3D printing helps in making our lives easier and more comfortable. Also, it promotes creativity and innovation skills to most of its users.

About 3DTectonix:
3DTectonix is a professional 3D printing service provider in Singapore committed in the creation of 3D products through premium quality 3D printers. The company provides quality service through Zortrax 3D printers. For more information, visit www.3dtectonix.com

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