3D printing is a game changer


3DTectonix is a 3D printing service provider based in Singapore that strive for its excellence in providing the highest standard of quality, cost and services. As we know, 3D printing is a game changer in science and industry. Our core values that we are passionate about cultivating design that would bring changes and innovative ideas to our customers. At 3DTectonix, we are committed that each product is designed according to customer’s needs, as well as making product design more attainable. Our 3D printing Singapore offers numerous benefits such as 3D Printing processes permits for mass customization. Our customer and team will collaborate towards changes and new exciting ideas for the desired outcome. 3DTectonix is dedicated to provide high quality 3D printers with competitive prices. If you have been wondering where to get the most affordable 3D printers, you are on the right track. 3DTectonix is the right place as we proffers efficiency and reliability of our products.

Apart from that, the emergence of 3D printing cause a growing demand of the products. Hence, we are mobilizing our efforts in creating awareness of our 3D printing services that would meet our customer’s demand. The benefits of using 3D is tool-less, which is the products and components can be designed specifically thus, it will save a lot of time, the cost of labor and tools equipments can be eradicated. 3D Printing also seen as “an energy efficient technology” that is sustainable and eliminate the unnecessary inventories.

For 3D filament, Nylon is 3D printing material, which is sensitive to moisture. Therefore, for the optimal result, taking necessary step such drying measures is recommended. For rapid prototyping Singapore is we revamp ideas through the latest rapid prototyping that deliver its best services, cost effective and efficient functional prototypes.

With 3D printing with us, your company will be efficient, thereby ease your hurdles in business. You can definitely count on us, you can produce your designs more effective in a cost effective manner, as we are flexible. With the low cost of prototyping, your business become less hassle, and better in terms of quality and services.

How does 3D Printing Work
While traditional ways is very time consuming, as it would lead to more wastage of materials, 3D Printing is the solely way to minimize the risk of wastage. How does it work, it starts with creating a virtual design that you desired. This virtual design is made in a Computer Aided Design file that attached with a 3D modeling program. Check out more on our 3D printing service to facilitate your business. If you are looking for 3D filament, our filament is ideal choice for people who seek for high quality yet with low cost solution. There are two types of materials that have been used for 3D printing, such as ABS which is Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and PLA (Polylactic acid). They are adjustable, and fully functional that will give highly impactful of services.

About the company: 3DTectonix is a 3D printing service provider based in Singapore, we provide the highest standard of quality services, and ensure each product meet the customer’s requirements. We have always strive for its excellence products and committed to speed up your business operations. For more information, please visit : http://3dtectonix.com

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