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3D printing known as additive manufacturing is a new solution in printing out a new body part from the comfort of people’s living room by placing the material layer by layer to create a new form of solid object. Whereas the traditional printing used ink and paper to create an article or written work on paper, the 3D printing used sand, ceramics, metal, chocolate and sugar, among the others material, to make out a new objects ranging from accessories such as jewellery to prosthetic limbs and even complex machine parts.

In addition, the use of 3D printing technologies can help any companies or any organizations to make their own physical prototypes as well to make the end-use parts through digital manufacturing with a little budget and during a short span of times. As a consequent, many companies could turn their innovative ideas into reality as well to allow more people questioning why the things are design that ways and how to further optimize them.

Based on a study in 2012, 95% of industrial used the applications of 3D printing to create model prototypes and specialized high machine components. Any industry is possible to manufacture interlocking parts and reducing the amount of raw material needed in their production. Moreover, the 3D printing is highly precise and thus could create any solid objects with an internal complexity.

Industrialists today have become much more technology savvy with detailed precision of the outcome. Therefore, many high-value and high-end industries such as automotive, aerospace and medical techs has slowly adopt the 3D printing in their production as it use the application of rapid prototyping system that help to quickly created a scale of solid end-use part and manufacturing them through the use of 3D computer aided design (CAD) data.

3D printers also offers several super amazing benefits to others in improving the green environment by turning all varieties of unusable plastic into 3D printer filaments which is used to create figures, prototypes and other 3D printing needs. Today, the rapid prototyping system that come alongside the 3D printer and 3D printer filaments are sold in the general market for anyone to use where they need to design verification and concept modelling of a product.

About 3DTectonix
3DTectonix headquartered in Singapore provide 3D printing service with high detailed and precise 3D printed products by using Zortrax 3D printers. Consumers can also find that their products are built according to their artistic needs and sleek designed artwork. At 3DTectonix, people would become more aware on the 3D printed products and the benefits of 3D printing service. Moreover, 3DTectonix is aiming at larger audience by combining 3D printed products with other hardware such as electronics in creating model prototypes. Thus, 3DTectonix is open to any individual who want to develop any new and marketable products. For more information, visit http://3dtectonix.com.

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