3DTectonix Gives Designers Quality 3D Printing through Premium Services


3DTectonix, a premier 3D printing service provider, gives clients detailed and precise 3D printing products cultivating design ideas for artists, engineers and architects. The company guarantees each product to be custom- made for the needs of the clients using Zortax 3D printers suited to meticulous design requirements.

Being one in the growing industry of3D printing in Singapore, 3DTectonix’ strategy in showcasing the details of products encourages artists, designers and the like to develop long term interest and awareness to the 3D print industry.

The company is focused in building community of enthusiasts to the 3D printing services gathering like-minded people to explore the possible advances in that industry. Growing clientele of the company includes from anime and manga fanatics to architectural designers who create rapid prototyping possible in Singapore.

With the use of top 3D printers and 3D filaments, the company sees to it that every product is premium in quality. 3DTectonix explore the endless possibilities in 3D print in Singapore by giving service to individuals in creating innovative 3D printed products.

Their services in Singapore includes computer aided design skills like piece part drawings, geometric dimensioning, assembly drawings, bill of materials generation, legacy data conversion, documentation and drawings for sales, marketing services. The company uses DS Solidworks, Rhinoceros5 and Autodesk to use in CAD operating. Mesh fixes are provided for 3D scanned images sent through procedures like hole filling, smoothening, minor touch up, closing bottom, and reorienting to origin.

Prototypes and models were showcased by 3DTectonix to provide details on process of creation shedding light to the creators and designers. Consultations and communicating to 3DTectonix allow clients to understand their personal design and how to make it in 3D print.

The company also understands that even non- designers need the innovation of 3D printing. Thus, they are completely geared to aid people’s 3D printing needs whether for designers or not. This improves the participation of more people to the advancing industry of 3D printing companies in Singapore.

Company service grows better through the materials used such as high- quality micro 3D filament. Most 3D printing feed on plastic filaments to do designed print as ink to the printer. The high quality output from 3DTectonix comes from the excellent ABS/PLA (Acrylonitrile Butadiene

Styrene and Poly Lactic Acid) filament which is also offered materials for other startup 3D printing enthusiasts. Poly Lactic Acid is a type of material derived from cornstarch which is biodegradable and environmental friendly. This filament is best in creating small house products and good for beginners to experiment with. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a popular choice of filament because of its flexibility and strength. This product is petroleum- based plastic which has higher melting point making outputs less susceptible to melting under extreme heat.

Aside from that, printing resolution and speed in 3DTectonix are of good grade. Although 3D printing is complex, the company understands the need of designers that is why they harness designing to electronics in order to extend the products’ usage while building into the future of this industry.

About 3DTectonix:
3DTectonix is a professional 3D printing service provider in Singapore committed in the creation of 3D products through premium quality 3D printers. The company provides quality service through Zortrax 3D printers. For more information, visit www.3dtectonix.com.

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