3DTectonix: Your One-stop Shop for quality 3D printing services


3DTectonix is a company based in Singapore that specializes in providing 3D printing services. They are a company which aims to maximize the power of 3D printing in various industries. Their passion and creativity when it comes to creating 3D printed products makes them a company that takes their business to a whole new level.

3DTectonix consists of a team of creative, like-minded individuals, with an aim to bring innovation and art together by means of their 3D creations. They would like to expand the use of 3D printed works to various industries such as electronics and hardware. While their main clients include anime and manga fans who like to have character models printed for them, they welcome customers from other with other interests such as designers and architects. They want to let their own customers know the good things 3D printing can do to their businesses and field of work. This makes them far different from their fellow 3D printing companies in Singapore. The company uses Zortrax printers to create detailed, aesthetically pleasing and high quality 3D products. They make sure that their customers get exactly the product that they need. They can deliver 3D printed products anywhere in Singapore in a short amount of time.

The company sees and understands the limitless possibilities that can be created using 3D printing. Thus they wish to reach out to other industries as well. They want people to know that there is more use to 3D printing other than to create character models. 3D printing is now also being used not just to prototype; it is also used to innovate, even to manufacture. The technology is now being used for rapd prototyping of small scale objects such as parts of air planes and cars, as well as genetically accurate parts of animals, even human cells and tissues. This just shows the range of things which can be made using 3D printing.

3DTectonix not only offers 3D printing services, they also provide machine parts and 3D filaments for those who have their own 3D printers. They have a wide range of 3D filaments which are sturdy and of excellent quality. They also showcase some of their 3D printed products for sale, such as artistically designed models of characters and other figures.

With quality products and excellent service, 3DTectonix ensures to maximize the power of 3D printing to meet any customer’s needs. They surely are your one-stop shop for 3D printing services.

About 3DTectonix
3DTectonix is a 3D printing company that is based in Singapore. This company consists of a team that aims to expand the boundaries of your creativity by means of modern technology. This is a innovative and creative company that is passionate about exploring the power of 3D printing and spreading it use to various types of industries, all while creating sleek, detailed 3D printed products for all kinds of customers.

To know more about 3D Tectonix, please visit their website: http://www.3dtectonix.com/

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