5 Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks


There’s no better way of improving productivity in your business than maintaining a clean and organized office environment. But maintaining a clean office can be challenging, especially with many people coming in and out.

Here are the top five office cleaning tips and tricks to make your work easier.

Create an Office Cleaning Culture

Make your employees understand the importance of keeping their workplace clean and organized. Let your employees carry out their cleaning in common areas and their desks. Ensure all new employees follow suit by understanding that they must clean after themselves.

You can incorporate some discipline on matters cleaning but make it fun and enjoyable. Consider rewarding the cleanest workstation.

 Compliment co-workers who clean common areas without being supervised. Provide positive reinforcement about cleaning habits, and with time you won’t have to remind anyone to clean.

Get Rid of Trash

Leaving your trash bins to overflow with garbage can lead to potential health hazards. Ensure you remove trash regularly so germs don’t build up.

A stinky trash bin can turn away your potential clients. Don’t allow trash bins to sit in your workplace overnight. Stash them away at the end of your workday.

Ensure every employee has their dust bin on their workstation, so they don’t have to litter or pace back and forth to throw trash. If you don’t have janitorial services, the co-workers can take turns emptying the trash cans at the end of the office hours.

Also, provide sanitizing wipes during trash handling to protect your employees from germs and bacteria.

Consider Hiring Janitorial Services

A busy schedule can make office cleaning an uphill task, but that’s not an excuse to have a dirty work environment. When you don’t have time to clean your workplace, it’s advisable to hire a commercial cleaning company to help you out.

Commercial cleaning companies will provide you with experienced janitorial cleaning services to keep your entire office clean. With cleaners working around the clock, you and your employees have all the time to concentrate on your office work.

Commercial cleaners will also take you through essential office cleaning tips that will help you maintain cleanliness even in their absence.

Maintain Clean Floors

People always come in and go out of your office premises, exposing the floors to a lot of foot traffic and dirt. Unfortunately, all the dirt on the floor doesn’t just settle there. The dirt flies in the air and falls into various surfaces to make the entire office dirty.

Regular cleaning of your floors gets rid of the dirt before it can fly into surfaces and cause allergies. Ensure you clean your floors regularly to make them look attractive and healthy.

Let your employees share the responsibility of mopping and vacuuming common areas. Ensure maximum teamwork when cleaning floors and other surfaces.

Make Cleaning Products Readily Available

Ensure your employees have all cleaning supplies such as disinfectant wipes, brooms, dustpans, dish soap, paper towels and screen cleaners.

This will make it easy for them to access the products easily and do the cleaning at any time. If you can’t hire commercial cleaners, you must invest in the right cleaning products to make cleaning easier.

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