The 5 Qualities Which Make Furniture SG Awesome


If you’re looking for a long-term furniture provider which can cover for all your home’s needs, you’ll certainly have Furniture SG as your go-to online store. Aside from carrying a wide variety of sofas, mattresses and beds in Singapore among its hundreds of selections, these are five qualities which you’d be glad to know about the online retailer:

The cheapest prices, with no hidden costs

Furniture SG aims to provide the most affordable selections for homeowners’ bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, patios and gardens, along with study rooms. This online furniture mart in Singapore offers their products without hidden or extra charges. This means you’ll definitely get what you intended to pay for, without being surprised of some fees which you didn’t know about.

Available, 24/7

With Furniture SG, you won’t need to follow mall or store hours since you can shop online at your own paces and convenience. There’s no need to wait or stand in long lines, since you can click through each detail and specification of your spring mattress or queen size bed whenever you need to. This online store further assures of the cheapest prices since it does not mainly need to pay for spaces or rentals in traditional shopping outlets.

No installation charges

There are furniture stores which require buyers to go through arduous processes of connecting and building each component of an entire unit. However with Furniture SG, you will no longer be hassled with installation. They offer free services, so you’ll be sure your items would be safely and expertly handled. If you’d like, you may use your intended installation or delivery budget to buy some snacks for your installers. Or if you may not have enough time to buy any food, tips could be considered.

Delivers after office hours

Furniture SG understands how some homeowners would prefer to see their items being installed. This is why the online shop is open to bring items even after office hours. They may even further ask for expert advice when it comes to caring or maintaining some items they just purchased.

For instance if you recently ordered some dining chairs in Singapore, you can particularly direct how they may be carried and placed in specific areas of your dining area. With Furniture SG, you will no longer need to be worried if you can still get to see your pieces’ installation. Despite your busy schedule throughout the day, you can still coordinate with the delivery personnel to see how the pieces are handled as they enter your house.

Offers reasonable exchanges

If your delivered items do not exactly match their online specifications, you may call Furniture SG to further confirm your purchases. Exchanges are also applicable in cases of defective items and within reasonable terms, these will have no extra charge.

About the company:

Furniture SG has the mission to offer hundreds of household and office pieces, at the lowest price possible. They have differently designed mattresses, sofas, coffee tables and many more. These are great for Bedrooms, Living Rooms and other parts of a home. For details, visit their site at:

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