Looking for a company that can to provide the very best assistance and advice you about rental property? South East property is a property management company who is passionate about property and finance. The office is based in Singapore with branches in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Manila and partner networks worldwide. The company offers property for sale, property investing and investment and buying property in Australia, particularly in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Rental Management is an additional service that they offer to all of their clients who have already purchased their Australian Property investment. The company partners are all long serving Rental Management companies who specialize in the area of the property’s location, as well as to guarantee the clients to have a correct advice when it comes to rental rates, demand and quick tenancies. The company is with strict reference checking of tenants, payment of utilities bills, regular property inspection reports and rent collection, to timely follow up of tenants and instruction of any maintenance that needs to take place.

The company deal with tenants, collect rent on time, arrange ongoing property maintenance and even pay their bills because the company want their clients to relax knowing that their property is in good hands. The aim of the company is to guarantee the experience of the clients and keep them up to date on all the matters regarding the property promptly and proficiently. The company is very professional, reliable rental management experts. The company dedicates more time and focus to the needs of your rental property and is able to provide you the very best assistance and advice.

They offered tailored Rental Management Services for all types of residential properties, no matter how small or grand. Their full service program includes all the marketing, leasing, administration, maintenance and financial activities required to expertly maintain and increase the value of your investment.

The company makes sure to strive and to provide highest level in service quality, return on investment and appreciation in asset value by:

1. sourcing the best quality tenants who will look after your property
2. Conducting regular inspections to ensure your property is being properly maintained
3. Provide alerts to potential repairs or upgrades required
4. Manage repairs and maintenance issues promptly, and in accordance with your instructions
5. Negotiate rent reviews regularly to achieve the best possible market rent
6. Provide frequent communication and updates on your property to minimise stress and to ensure your income is maximised.

Planning to contact them? You can call them at +65 6276 5001 or email at info@southeastcapital.org.

About the company:
South East Property & South East Capital consultants are professional property and finance advisors who can assist you in securing the best property, loan and tenant for your property. Renowned for applying the highest standards of quality and integrity in all the service, the company has the standing for serving the clients, earning trust and providing ongoing support. They are experts when it comes to the Australian Property Market and be able to offer outstanding investment options for your clients in all the major cities of Australia. For more information, visit the website at http://www.southeastproperty.org/.

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