A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience That You’ll Never Forget


If you are looking for a little bit of adventure in your life, consider doing something out of the ordinary — swimming with seals. It is not your typical everyday activity and is one packed with fun and excitement for everyone involved.

Swimming with seals can be done off the coastline of Narooma, specifically Montague Island, where you can find small colonies of seals waiting to meet you. Your adventure is guided by a professional who can introduce you to the playful seals and help you explore this amazing underwater world.

A Safe and Interactive Experience

Despite how adorable they may be, seals are still wild animals that need to be treated as such. Because of this, your journey is led by an experienced guide who will make your safety and the preservation of the marine environment their main priorities.

They will also make sure that there is a safe distance kept between the group and the seals as touching the seals is not permitted and all care must be taken not to damage the reef system or over stimulate its inhabitants in our interactions.

Seal swimming in Narooma is done in the Batemans Marine Park at Montague Island where plenty of wild animals run rampant. There you can find everything from an Australian fur seal and a New Zealand fur seal colony, little penguin colonies, grey nurse shark breeding grounds, and thousands of seabirds that nest there each year.

Preparing for the Adventure

In order to make sure that you are prepared for this adventure, be sure to keep reading. You will need to bring with you your own snorkelling gear; however, it will be provided if you do not have any of your own.

The four-hour tours are typically done in small groups in order to have ethical interactions with these playful seals. They typically take place towards the end of November and run through to April, just after whale watching season.

This adventure is not only a chance to get to see a seal up close, but an opportunity to learn more about marine life and the incredible ecosystem that they live in. If you’ve always wanted a chance to experience marine life at its finest, this is your chance to do so. What better way to spend your holiday than by swimming with seals?

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