A-Tutors Clears Doubts on Home Tuition


Embarking on the home tuition or private tuition journey may prove to be slightly daunting to some parents or guardians because sourcing for the right tutor is tough enough, with little to no reliable recommendations. Here at A-Tutors, they hold a wide database on home tutors for various levels.

There are various questions that A-Tutors has answered to ensure that all doubts are cleared in order to kick start home tuition services.

Requesting for a tutor

The process is simple. Simply fill up the request form on A-Tutors website and within 2-3 days, the coordinators will shortlist a few candidates based on the requirements that was stated in the form itself.

Any additional charged for requesting a tutor from A-Tutors?

There are no additional charge from requesting a tutor from them however, they will charge 50% of the tuition fees from the tutor as commission for helping the tutor find the tuition assignment. Subsequently, the tuition fees will be paid directly to the tutor.

Changing of tutors

Is it possible to change tutors mid-way if the tutor is found to be not suitable? Yes, here at A-tutors, they have no charges associated with the changing of the tutors. The only payment to make is to pay for whatever lessons that have been conducted. As such, they also would like to receive feedback on why the tutor is not suitable or has to be replaced so that they can better improve their services to the public.

About the company:

A-Tutors is a home tutorial service company that is based in Singapore. Its highly competent personnel made of teachers are sent to clients’ homes in order to provide private tutorial to students. They already has a network of scores of private tutors who can be contacted any time there is a need for their services. A-Tutors makes sure that such tutors are available to clients. The said company is known for its very competitive rates, allowing parents to save on their budget even as they spend for their children’s private tutorial. More information can be obtained at http://atutors.com.sg.

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