A-tutors proves how they can help parents and guardians provide support for the child’s academic needs


A-tutor, a home tuition agency, gives reasons why they are fit to provide the right services for the academic needs of a student. The company can find Chinese tutors that has a mastery on different subjects from mathematics to different sciences.

Moreover, there are other benefits that can be realized as they further try the services of having a home tutor for their own children. Private tuition has proven its worth when it comes to the progress of a child in learning and in developing a good sense of academic perspective.

A-tutors have given the following reasons and benefits of home tuition in which their expertise can be reliable:

1. Personalized Pace
The main benefit of home tuition is that there is one tutor to one student.

The pace of the lessons can be customized to suit each students rate of learning. Parent can rest assured that there will be absolutely no issue of their child being “lost” or unable to keep up in the tuition class.

The content and structure of each lesson can also be tailored to each student’s particular area of weakness or uncertainty as the home tutor will focus on these areas. Furthermore, students will be able to gain a head-start on topics that the school has not covered.

These will not be possible in larger group tuition classes as one tutor would have to accommodate more than one student, each of whom may have different learning capabilities.

2. Flexibility in Scheduling Lessons
Tuition centres offer very limited and fixed lesson timings unlike home tuition, where the student is offered more flexibility in arrangement of lessons. Parents can integrate their children’s timetable with the tutors’ schedules. More importantly, students can arrange with their tutors to schedule more lessons as and when they feel a need to do so due to reasons such as upcoming examinations, etc.

3. Time Saving
Student often spend much time commuting to and fro from the tuition centre.

By having a private tutor, students will not need to spend time travelling to tuition centres. The unnecessary travelling time saved can be put to better use such as revising their school work, getting more involved in their CCAs or even taking a nap in the mid-day which can increase their productivity in learning.

These reasons can help guardians and parents in deciding whether home tuition can actually help them given their personal situations and conditions. In line with this, one can also consider the rate of the home tuition agency that starts at $15/hour for lower primary students.

About the company:
A-Tutors is a home tuition agency that has a large database of experienced and capable home tutors for different students. They can help you in achieving academic excellence and a good standing in class through a good grasp, comprehension and even mastery different subject matter. They have Chinese tutors to help students in understanding lessons well at a pace they can keep up. The company provides the most effective as well as efficient assistance and means in finding excellent and appropriate private tutor for every student. To find out more, visit: http://atutors.com.sg/

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