ACCO Technology provides top quality Business Technology and Services in Singapore


ACCO Technology Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company that specializes in Business Technology and IT Services. They provide top quality solutions that will help enterprises reduce business technology sourcing costs. They are a company that brings the best IT managed services in the island.

They are a service-driven organization that has a certain goal, that is, to provide the most affordable and efficient business technology sourcing in Singapore. They also believed in establishing long-term relationships with their clientele, and so they make use of their experience in operation and systems since 1994. They make sure to give only enhanced value products and services. Moreover, they want to ensure complete satisfaction by giving the ideal services according to the needs of their customers.

ACCO Technology has partnered with the best business technology related companies in the world, like Microsoft, bizSafe, and HP, in order to give companies the best business technology and IT support services in the island. Partnering with Microsoft, ACCO Technology is ready to provide clients with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. Office 365 is like the well-known Microsoft Office, with more features which will help companies manage their business more efficiently. With Office 365, you can manage your applications and files anytime, anywhere. You can also make use of hosted versions of Microsoft Server’s products, such as Exchange Server, SharePoint Server and Lync Server. With the help of Microsoft Office 265, you can exchange files online, and you can even work on your files even if you are overseas. Microsoft Azure, on the other hand, is Microsoft’s could platform that helps you move faster, do more, and save more money. With Microsoft Azure you can build infrastructure, manage identity and access, gain insights from data, and develop modern applications.

ACCO Technology also recommends HP Managed Print Services (MPS). With HP MPS, clients are given the control over their print environment. ACCO Technology will help in achieving a balance between the customer’s total printing costs and their needs. They can also help in improving business efficiency and improve workflow. This way, enterprises no longer have to spend time worrying about printing.

Lastly, ACCO offers other solutions, such as Managed Workplace Services, Document Management Solutions, E-Fleet Management System, and many others. ACCO Technology ensures that all of their services are of enhanced value and are affordable, in order to meet the requirements of their customers. they can help you outsource any product and any brand you wish.

With ACCO Technology, enterprises have less time worrying about getting affordable business technology outsourcing, and more time growing their business. When it comes to comprehensive, and cost-effective business technology sourcing in Singapore, they are the team that you could always count on.

About ACCO Technology

ACCO Technology Pte Ltd is a service-driven company that is based in Singapore. They are a Business Technology and Services Provider. They particularly specialize in business technology sourcing, integrating, and after-sales care. To know more about ACCO Technology, you may visit their website:


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