Browart Studio, a leading permanent make-up artist in Singapore specializing in eyebrow, eye line and lip embroidery is offering a wide range of services to help every customer feel more confident and attractive.

Browart specializes in making eyes look more striking. It offers services for Eye Line which aims to give customers that alluring look with thicker looking lashes and bigger, brighter eyes. Browart Studio uses the customer’s eye line to shape the eyes, and dyes the lashes to give the eyes a trendy makeover in an instant. The process is quick and pain-free, but the effect lasts for a much longer time!

As with the Eyebrow, Browart believes that a pair of wonderfully sculpted brows can make a person look graceful, energetic and even improve the symmetry of the facial outline! Browart Studio will first help customers to customize the shape and design of their eyebrows, followed by a quick and painless coloring, so that the brows look neat and natural from every angle.

Browart Studio takes into account the face shape, features and lifestyle to design and create a suitable look for each and every customer. Featuring its dedicated team who are out-and-out to take care of all the needs of customers, Browart is sure to enhance the natural beauty inherent to every one. From Embroidery to Make-Up and Hair Removal, Browart has got it all for customer’s ultimate beauty satisfaction!

Among its services for Embroidery is that for the Brow which only costs SGD 1200 to SGD 2200. Embroidery for Upper Eye Line can be availed for only SGD 1200 to SGD 1600. As with Embroidery for Lips, it can be had for only SGD 1800 up to SGD 2600, while Embroidery for Areola is available for only SGD 2600.

Treatment for Freckle problems can now be easily solved for only SGD 280. Meanwhile, for those who are having a hard time to get their brow shape right and gorgeous, Browart offers Brow Shaping for only SGD 15! Those who want to volume up the attractiveness of their eyes, Lash Extension by Browart are very affordable for the price SGD 120! Extending lashes for more powerful eyes can be achieved with Extend Lash (Serum) by Browart for only SGD 80.

Curling up lashes need not be a daily hassle for it can now be achieved longer without exerting much effort batting eyelash with lash curler and heavy mascara, Browart’s Lash Curl Up is very affordable for only SGD 50 to achieve that sparkling eyes. Brow Resurrection Cream can be availed for only SGD 60. Make-up is also being offered by Browart for only SGD 80. Tired of the Embroidery? Remover Embroidery is also available at Browart for only SGD 280.

Browart is also a good name when it comes to services for Hair Removal. Hair Remover by Waxing can be availed for only SGD 300. As with the hair removal for the lip or chin, it is very much affordable for only SGD 20. Hair removal for underarm is very friendly for only SGD 30, while hair removal service for the legs is available for inly SGD 70. And last on the list is the Full Arm hair removal very affordable for only SGD 50.

Having helped to make hundreds of ladies and gentlemen look more attractive and feel more confident, Jenny’s skills and expertise have gained international fame and recognition. Browart Studio is honoured to have helped many customers look beautiful and feel great about them. The dedicated team is thankful for all the support and is hoping to see more customers in their store as well.

Browart Studio is a leading permanent make-up artist in Singapore specializing in eyebrow, eye line and lip embroidery which offers a wide range of services from eye line, eyebrow and embroidery to help every customer feel more confident and attractive. For more information, visit:

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