Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring a Laundry Service


You have a large pile of laundry and yet you’re too busy with work and too tired too. You have a date; there’s a new movie in Netflix that you like to watch; you have an article to write; there are so many reasons you can come up with just to avoid doing your laundry. It’s true that it is complete hard work to juggle things within your available time. That’s why you have to consider it cautiously if you have to avail of Singapore laundry services or not. Here are some of the disadvantages and advantages of hiring a laundry service. You have to weigh them before you make a decision:

Hiring a Laundry Service in Singapore


  • Time

It’s the most usual thing to consider by people before they decide on any laundry service. They don’t have the time to wash their own laundry. Through the help of laundry services, you can have more valuable time spent with family and to catch up on some sleep and to do all the other things mentioned earlier.

  • Convenience

It’s not really wise for you to tire yourself out doing your laundry and in an improper way at that. You might have those bulky garments and you don’t have enough space to wash them. It might also be that you are in a rush. A laundry service will always be there to help you.

  • Health

It’s also possible for you to have allergies on detergents or some fabric conditioners. In some instances, fibers that come from dirty clothes may also bring about breathing issues. That makes it smarter to go to the nearest laundry service.


  • Hygiene

There are some laundry services that tend to mix your clothes with those of other customers. It’s true when the volume of your dirty clothes can’t be divided by the capacity of the machine. For instance when you have 15 kilos and the machine’s capacity is 10 kilos. The remaining five kilos will be mixed with other people’s clothes. Your clothes may be mixed with the perfume and sweat of another person.

  • Preference

There are some people who are not used to certain scents of fabric conditioners while others dislike a certain brand of detergent.

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