Advert & Signs Help Companies Create More Brand Awareness through Their Custom Made Signage


Signage SingaporeAs a new company, what are the first steps that should be considered in making the company’s name known to the public? Does your company struggle with publicising itself and reaching out to consumers? Though you offer an excellent product or service, it sometimes becomes a great challenge to make who you are and what you do known to your targeted audience.

Advert & Signs is a company based in Singapore which specialises in the making of various types of signage. They aim to create beautiful, eye-catching advertorial material to help brands create awareness among the public by providing step-by-step signage installation and maintenance services. Advert & Signs functions as a signage maker to help other companies around Singapore capture attention, get noticed, and be remembered by the public.

From outdoor signage which makes use of peoples’ mobility to spread brand awareness (such as when people walk or drive by and notice the sign), to indoor acrylic signage featuring beautiful designs of company logos, Advert & Signs has it all. The company not only provides different kinds of signage, but enable customers to choose from a variety of fonts, colour schemes, and suitable materials based on the surrounding environment where the installation would be done.

Advert & Signs also allows clients to choose from the different types of signage that the company has based on its inspiration. To name a few types, the signage can be either illuminated, whereby some form of internal lighting mechanism is installed, or non-illuminated, with options such as engraving or laser cut finishes. Other types are such as residential, which is suitable for housing and property companies, and 3D-acrylic, allowing for pop-out letters and logos of varying thickness.

Advert & Signs helps companies build up their brand awareness from the ground up by first taking into consideration the client’s needs. After getting an in depth understanding of clients’ brand, Advert & Signs aid in putting ideas together with their clients to come up with the best kind of solution and choice of signage. The company seeks to work with their clients in close collaboration, building trustable relationships, rather than working in isolation.

As featured on the website, Advert & Signs have helped various companies in creating custom-made, quality signages which beautifully display what those companies are all about. Some of these clients include Concorde Hotel Singapore, Tempur (selling beds, mattresses and pillows), and Mulberry Education. For the three of these projects done, Advert & Signs show (with photos) the stages that they go through to give clients a general idea and view of the start and finish of different kinds of signage installation.

All in all, Advert & Signs helps clients to design signs which reflect the brand, culture, and history, which ultimately delivers the company’s marketing message in a creative, captivating manner. From backlit signages to boxed up signages, the company takes into consideration all the technicalities such as the type of surface and kind of printed material, leaving no room for dissatisfaction.

About Advert & Signs:

Advert & Signs specialises in signage creation and advertising in Singapore. Their goal is to create and install whatever advertising products or services that companies would wish to proudly showcase to their target audience. For more information, visit

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