Advert & Signs Makes It Easy for Companies to Have Their Own Custom Made Signboards


Signboard SingaporeEvery company wants to effectively reach out to its audiences and to be able to connect well with them. Hence, to the company, audience satisfaction is of much importance. While many companies have good product/services that they are able to deliver, at times they may still face difficulty in reaching out to their targeted audience. In that sense, audience impressions towards the company must always be in the positive light in order for the company to be successful.

Advert & Signs aims to help companies capture audiences’ attention, to get noticed, and to be remembered. Based in Singapore, Advert & Signs not only specialises in general signage making, but is also known to do signboard making. The company seeks to help clients in both advertising and providing relevant information regarding their company on signboards.

What Advert & Signs first does before creating the signboard for their clients is to actively listen to their clients’ needs in order to determine what kind of signboard would best suit the clients’ company. Advert & Signs would then cater the specifications based on those needs such as determining the fonts and colours that are suitable, along with the style and other typographical details.

Advert & Signs also considers the environment and conditions, and surface types before helping clients to decide what material and kind of signboard would be most suitable. The company does for both indoor and outdoor settings, with various types of signage such as for displays (displays solution, banners, stands), print ads (to advertise certain products/services), directionals (to make it easier for customers to locate certain places), and many more other types.

Advert & Signs also does illuminated signage, which is suitable for companies who want to display their advertisement or certain information at night when it’s dark. These companies can opt to go for the lightbox type signage, with the choice of materials such as aluminium, acrylic, or steel. This type of illuminated signage comes with either fluorescent or LED lights of varying colours.

Besides creating signboards, Advert & Signs also provide repair and maintenance services. The company not only installs signboards, but makes sure to fix any weak points, damages, and deterioration of the signboard that might happen over time. In addition, maintenance services include other aspects such as replacement of lights (for illuminated signage), screws which may have gotten loose, and cleaning out of dirt and debris that have accumulated over the years.

Advert & Signs also creates various marketing materials for companies to customise their business products in order to stand out and be noticed. Some materials include posters and banners, flyers and leaflets, name cards, and brochures.

By employing the usage of signboards in Singapore, clients are able to broadcast their company 24/7. This would certainly increase the engagement with the public and help them recall your brand in the long run.


About Advert & Signs:

Specialising in professional signage creation and advertising in Singapore, Advert & Signs aims to create and install whatever advertising products or services that companies would wish to proudly showcase to their target audience. Engage with them at to improve your product marketing today!

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