AE Logistics offers the best Relocation solutions for Easier Expat Living in Singapore


Assalaamualaikum Enterprises, also known as AE Logistics is a moving company that is known for providing excellent and affordable solutions for local and international relocation. They are the most trusted professional movers by many expats in Singapore today.

Easy expat living in Singapore starts with smooth relocation to your new home, and AE Logistics is just that team that can help you achieve that. They have been among the top moving companies in Singapore, with almost two decades of experience in the industry. Their longtime experience helped them develop into a premier moving company with professional movers that can handle a wide range of requirements for local and international relocations. They take pride in providing top quality services at highly competitive rates.

AE Logistics offers a variety of solutions for relocation, giving clients more options in order to make moving a lot easier. Those who are looking for professional movers with cheap price rates will appreciate AE Logistics’ team of the best movers and packers in Singapore. They are the most meticulous when it comes to the art of moving. They always handles their clients’ belongings with care, and make sure to preserve the original state of the items from when they pack them up to when they finally settle them down to the new location. Moreover, they always come prepared, equipped with complete packing materials to make packing easier. From boxes and bubble wraps to masking tapes, they got it all ready for your packing.

Aside from providing reliable movers, AE Logistics also has transportation covered. They have 24-foot trucks to transfer items to any location in Singapore. Their trustworthy crew will handle the loading and unloading of the clients’ belongings, and they make sure to exercise meticulousness so that none of the items will break or get damaged. They are also careful to maximize the space in the truck, and even provides disposal options in case there are things which clients no longer want to take with them on their moving day. There is no more need to worry about how to get rid of items which you no longer want with you, because they will do the disposal.

And for international relocation, AE Logistics is ready to help you in every aspect they can. They have Malay movers who can help you doo all the heavy lifting and moving of items, and they also provide transportation services to make relocation easier. They even provide assistance throughout the process of moving, especially in dealing with the required documents such as the GST Permit Application, Electrical/Electronic Appliances Permit Application, well as Customs Declaration, Documentation, and Clearance.

AE Logistics is truly a moving company trusted by many clients. They are your reliable team of professional movers that is ready to help you in every aspect of your relocation.

About the company:

Assalaamualaikum Enterprises is a Singapore-based moving company providing professional but affordable relocation services. Among their solutions are local and international relocation services, as well as warehouse storage services. They are a moving company that is reliable when it comes to moving items not just around Singapore but also in other countries such as Malaysia.

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