Only Aesthetics Caters to their Male Audience Offering a Variety of Treatments



Only Aesthetics gives their male customers their fair share of the spotlight with the treatments they provide.

Only Aesthetics values each and every one of their customers both male and female alike. As such, the clinic makes sure to treat them all equally providing them timely and relevant services with regards to health and beauty treatments found today.

Men will not be finding any shortage of treatments over Only Aesthetics as there is indeed quite a lot of options to choose from. One of the most popular and trending treatments found today is the Boyzilian or is also known as IPL hair removal. This treatment involves a non-invasive painless procedure with fast treatment and zero downtime. As a result, men will be able to enjoy a quick hair removal process through the IPL hair removal in Singapore that is offered in their clinic.

Hair removal in Singapore is not the only treatment Only Aesthetics provide to them. The clinic also offers a number of services that revolves around the face. This includes eye bag removal, and eye bags treatment. Only Aesthetics also make use of state of the art technology found with their face laser treatment. Their laser treatment for face will be able to tackle not only pimples but large pores and pigmentation. Furthermore, their non-invasive skin treatment effectively treats skin troubles caused by sun damage, among other contributing factors.

Aside from that, Only Aesthetics is also able offers pigmentation removal, pigmentation treatment using the same type of technology as well. For instance, their Laser Skin Resurfacing is considered to be a gold standard in medical aesthetics treatments. It utilizes NanoFractional Radio Frequency and SmartScan technology to help correct the appearance of your post-acne scars, large pores, pigmentation, loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles. This in turn provides the modern men with a fresher and livelier look and feel.

Only Aesthetics efforts in catering to their male audience is indeed worthy of commendation. There are not a lot of health and beauty clinics that welcomes men wholeheartedly especially since most of their focus are spent entirely to women. In contrast, Only Aesthetics welcomes both male and female customers alike giving them timely and relevant treatment they need. As a result, just about anyone will be able to enjoy their services regardless of their gender.

About Only Aesthetics:

Only Aesthetics believes that every person is unique; created diversely with different needs. They cater to each client’s specific needs and set up a program of treatment especially for him or her. Each staff is encouraged to live his or her potential to the fullest. They make their staff happy even as they know that they can only be happy serving others if they themselves are happy. The remarkable and visible changes in their customers’ physique serves as a mirror of their dedication in making everyone feel good if not better about themselves.

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