Only Aesthetics Offers a IPL Hair Removal to their Male Customers


press-release1Only Aesthetics gives their male customers the opportunity to rid themselves of unwanted hair with their IPL Hair Removal treatment made for men.

Only Aesthetics believes that not only women are allowed to look and feel good at all times. They take pride in catering to the male audience as well giving them relevant treatment and services they deserve which can be done to them at any given time when the need calls for them to do so.

The modern men today embrace health and beauty treatments more willingly and this is what Only Aesthetics offers to them. There is indeed a lot of options their male customers can consider for themselves in the present.

One of the latest innovation found today that is showcased at is with the procedure known as Boyzilian or is commonly known as IPL hair removal that is specifically designed for men. The clinic uses its state of the art technology using a specific light energy wavelength, to damage your hair follicles, permanently inhibiting hair re-growth on the treated area. This in turn helps give their customers a painless and hassle free experience when they want to pursue hair removal in Singapore.

Back then, men had no other option for a permanent hair removal in Singapore but a waxing treatment. Waxing does not provide the most comfortable experience. A huge number of clients in fact, share their experience with it describing them as extremely painful. In contrast, the IPL hair removal in Singapore found at Only Aesthetics gives their clients very little sensation during the treatment which is very bearable and is comparably less severe than waxing.

Their hair removal treatment can also be completed in a short amount of time. In just a span of 15 minutes, clients will be hair free for the next few months. This in turn helps save their patients a fair amount of time and convenience especially since the IPL hair removal treatment for men offers little to no downtime.

It is good to hear that Only Aesthetics are taking the necessary measures in looking for relevant and trending health and beauty treatment for men. This makes it quite clear that the clinic is not only focusing their attention to their female customers but also to their male audience as well. Get in touch with them today to find out more.

About Only Aesthetics:

Only Aesthetics believes that every person is unique; created diversely with different needs. They cater to each client’s specific needs and set up a program of treatment especially for him or her. Each staff is encouraged to live his or her potential to the fullest. They make their staff happy even as they know that they can only be happy serving others if they themselves are happy. The remarkable and visible changes in their customers’ physique serves as a mirror of their dedication in making everyone feel good if not better about themselves.

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