AKW Car Rental Offers Special Promotions with their Car Selections


In an effort to help save their clients a considerable amount of resources, AKW provides special promotions with the cars that they are showcasing. This makes the process of car rental even more accessible as it became more affordable to a huge number of individuals.

In this present day and age, buying a car is a bit troublesome especially in Singapore where the vehicle prices are very volatile. Furthermore, there are also other factors that need to be considered which include Import Tax, Fluctauting COE, Road Tax, insurance, maintenance and unpredictable repair cost. AKW Car Rental understands how hard it is to get a car so instead they encourage their clients to pursue rental a car Singapore instead. This can be seen with their wide selection of cars ranging from mid size cars, luxury, MPV, SUV and more.

You will find a number of special promotions offered at AKW Car Central. Vehicle promotions ranges from mid size cars to MPVs. Customers are able to look for and acquire mid size cars for only $1,300.00 with this car rental Singapore. On the other hand, MPVs can be found for only $1,750.00 asking price. This in turn helps lighten the load with regards to their customers helping theme secure car leasing in a timely and effective manner.

It should be noted however, that the promotions found at AKW Car Rental have terms and conditions applies as well as having a validity of 7 days and as such, they advise customers to not waste any time and grab a hold of the opportunity to make use of the special promotions with long term car rental Singapore as soon as possible. Another reason why this is important is that their promotions are subjected to vehicle availability and one may not find the vehicle or their liking under the car rental list.

Singapore car rental is a very much sought after service making it a popular alternative to owning a vehicle. This is why car leasing is growing in popularity and more and more people are leaning towards such practice. Money is indeed well spent at AKW Car Rental especially since they provide care & maintenance support to their cars as well. This in turn, gives their customers the much needed assurance that their vehicles are always in good hands and are kept in a very good condition before, during and after the rental period is over.

About AKW Car Rental:
AKW Car Rental established since year 2000. They are specialized in automobile trade since inception. Today with a group of experienced and professional Management and staffs, they provide rental cars that keep you worries-free from maintenance and repair of your car which accomplished safe, comfortable and pleasant road trips. Apart from providing Quality Cars with competitive Rental Rates, they carry a wide range of cars that take care of you and your family travelling needs. You can get more information, by heading over to http://akwcarrental.com.sg/.

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