AKW Car Rental’s Online Reservations Makes it Effortless and Easy to Rent Cars


AKW Car Rental opens its doors to online reservations giving their customers the freedom to reserve cars at any given time. Customers can reserve rental cars right away over their online website.

AKW Car Rental makes the process of renting cars even much easier by allowing their clients to do online reservations at the comfort of their homes, offices or just about anywhere. Car rental has never been this accessible than before and furthermore, the online reservation feature is a very much welcomed addition which a lot of individuals are already making good use of.

Customers only need to fill in some basic information to help them process their car leasing over at AKW Car Rental. This includes the client’s Full Name, Passport/NRIC No., Correspondence Address, Email, Mobile No., Rental Duration, Pickup Date, Return Date, Engine Capacity and a Delivery Address and they are all set and ready to go and pick up the car of their liking as soon as possible

AKW Car Rental has also allowed remarks and special requests with their car rental Singapore which gives their customers the option to request for a particular model if the ones in their catalogue are not enough to fit their taste and preference. There are also several modes of payments that they accept which includes cash, cheque and bank transfer which suits well when you do online Singapore car rental. This along with their impressive car rental rates helps make AKW Car Rental your one stop shop with regards to leasing a car.

The company understands just how time consuming looking for a car is and this is especially true with regards to rental a car Singapore. As such, they make long term car rental Singapore a seamless and fast process saving their customers a considerable amount of time and resources in the process. Indeed, all their customers have to do is to visit their website, go to the reservations section fill up the necessary information and wait for the car to be delivered right straight through their doorstep. It should be noted however, that there will be delivery charges with regards to your car leasing and AKW Car Rental makes sure that their customers are fully aware of this by putting this message in the reservation page right close to the submit booking button. This in turn makes every pretty much transparent especially with the transactions done at their online website.

About AKW Car Rental:
AKW Car Rental established since year 2000. They are specialized in automobile trade since inception. Today with a group of experienced and professional Management and staffs, they provide rental cars that keep you worries-free from maintenance and repair of your car which accomplished safe, comfortable and pleasant road trips. Apart from providing Quality Cars with competitive Rental Rates, they carry a wide range of cars that take care of you and your family travelling needs. For more information, visit http://akwcarrental.com.sg/.

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