All about the Architectural Company


An architecture company in Singapore is a company that specializes in providing architectural services to varying clients. Usually, these firms hire architects and other staff who assist the architects in their jobs. Such company can also be part of a larger company that takes charge of a lot aspects related to the design and the construction process. These may range from contracting and also to interior decorating. For small firms, you can usually find one or two architects that work together while the big companies will be able to hire hundreds if not thousands of people and sometimes they are coming from different office locations.

architecture company in Singapore

On Philosophy and Mission Statement

A number of these firms have their underlying philosophy and mission statement. These in fact dictate the type of job that the company accepts. For instance some firms simply focus on residential architecture. This involves designs of residences like homes or it may also be interested in industrial architecture like what it observed when building factories and other manufacturing facilities. Clients have the tendency to associate a certain architectural firm to one style of architecture for instance modern architecture. There are also some firms that rely heavily on the expertise of one notable architect in the firm.

Range of Services

The usual architectural firm offers a wide range of design services. They can start from drawing up plans for any remodel project and even proceed to providing a ground-up design. Architectural drawings may also be drafted for many project proposals and a number of community endeavors. This will be able to show the community at large and the company the look of the project once it becomes realized. Apart from drafting, architecture firms also come up with models and they consult with the contractors and other building professionals in the accomplishment of the projects.

Members of the Building Team

Architects are considered as critical members of the firm’s building team. It’s because they’re responsible in the development of the fundamental design and also the look and feel of the entire structure. It goes to say that work in any architectural firm may be completely varied.

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