Allied Catering Equipment offers world class kitchen equipment


Allied Catering Equipment is a company that started in Singapore back in the year 1986. It has grown to become one of the top companies offering cutting edge equipment for the kitchen. They specialize in snack or “fun food” concept, providing customers with equipment for such things as deli, café, roasted chicken outlets, snack counter that sell food such as popcorn, sugar floss or waffles, and other equipments for kitchen restaurants. When it comes to superb kitchen equipment in Singapore, there is no better name to remember than Allied Catering Equipment.

Allied Catering Equipment provides a great variety of kitchen equipment. They provide high quality equipment that are certainly world class, as Allied Catering Equipment represents reputable companies in other countries such as Italy, Japan, Spain, United States of America, Brazil, China and Australia. They offer products that can be used for baking, such as the egg mixer and spiral mixer to blend ingredients.

They also have a variety of ovens, such as the Italy Combi Oven. A combi oven is a new type of kitchen equipment, such that even some of the top chefs are yet to know of its purpose. But a combi oven is ideal for maintaining the proper humidity of the food you are cooking. It is also a good equipment to use to save time and labour, as you can cook multiple food at the same time.

Another type of oven from Allied Catering Equipment is the pizza oven. Pizza has been one of the most famous foods in the world, and a pizza oven is something that everyone would love to have in their kitchen. They are a company that offers stone pizza oven in Singapore. They also have stone wood fired pizza oven for those who feel like making pizza the old fashioned way. They also have gas-wood fired pizza oven, and oven for roasting chicken and even Peking duck. Allied Catering Equipment made sure to get the best products from top stone pizza manufacturers and Peking duck oven manufacturers. You can also avail for a custom made stone pizza oven.

They are a company that thinks highly of their customers, so they also provide consultation for setting up the kitchen equipment. This assures customers that they will be able to use the equipment properly.

Allied Catering Equipment wants to give people top of the line equipment for them to make better quality food to be enjoyed by everyone. They are company that ensures to give clients nothing but the best in kitchen equipment.

About Allied Catering Equipment
Since the foundation of the company in 1986, Allied Catering Equipment has become the agent of new and latest equipments for the kitchen in Singapore today. They provide top-of-the-line utensils from pizza ovens to kitchen equipment for restaurants. Aside from offering quality products, they also provide free consultation for the setting up of the kitchen equipment. To know more about Allied Catering Equipment, please visit their website:

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