Animation: Between The Good And The Bad


Singapore, April 2015 – A recent issue had been raised against animation series, especially those that are watched by children. Many a parent nowadays are against their children watching animations for reasons as following, waste of time, has no benefit or whatsoever and that it begets violence.

However, studies has found out that, much like playing video games, animation series does more good than harm – that is if played or in this case, watched moderately. No doubt that anything taken or done excessively will bring more harm as even too much good is not actually good for adults alike. In addition, it is to be reminded that children, especially at the age of three to twelve are very much influenced by these as they are the common group that watch such animations. Thus, parents and other family members, at any time must supervise the programmes that a child watches to ensure that he or she is not influenced by a bad programme or in this case, bad animation series.

More often than not parents argue the logic of animation characters will distort their children’s perception of reality. Characters such as Bugs Bunny that can survive falls and bomb explosion without dying may make children believe that they too, can survive if they do the same thing. After all, children at this age are more susceptible to believe the power of suggestion and are unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

However, other animation series such as Blue’s Clues, Dora The Explorer and such are helpful in promoting good habits to children. These animation series teach children to explore new things and are interactive in nature. Basically, children watching it will engage with the characters on screen and feel involved. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and boosts confidence.

Most of the animation series mentioned here are the ones originated from overseas. Animations in Singapore are mostly from overseas despite the fact that the country has a number of companies doing animation. It may take some time before citizens accept more diverse animation consumption, rather than showing the staple Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon animations to their children.

To conclude, animation series whether local or foreign are able to be utilised as tools of education and prove to be more of a boon than a bone. That is, to a certain extent, however. Just putting children in front of the television than actively engaging them will not offer them any benefit for the long run. Be active parents that support and have contact with children to ensure a healthy relationship and a healthy child.

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