Animation and Graphics Design


Not many know the significance of the field of animation and graphics design in the daily lives of people. It has always been a humble and hardworking field as the workers are usually behind the scenes. When being an animator or a graphic designer is discussed as a future career option, many parents would still hesitate on it and proceeds to offer more well-known career choices such as being a lawyer, doctor, teacher… More understanding can actually be created towards this kind of expertise with decent promotion of its work through the projects created.

Its functionality in wide range of areas

Graphics design

Creation and combination of words, images and symbols into visual representations is around us everywhere. Look into company or event logos, various interface layouts of websites, book covers, product packaging, and advertisements, just to name a few. A product packaging so enticing that it stimulates the customers’ desire to purchase it when they see it on the supermarket shelves. A professionally designed logo that is elegant and cool leaves a good impression on its consumers. To add more to the list, easy-to-navigate websites and compelling billboard or printed advertisements are also part of the family. Graphic designers are actually needed everywhere.


Motion pictures, another name for animation, is essentially the beating heart for most TV advertisements. Trending GIFs (Graphic Interchange Formats) on social media are one of the examples of stop motion animations where a sequence of static images that differ slightly from one another are rapidly displayed. Animation is widely used not only in the media and entertainment industry, it is also employed in medical, engineering, forensic and the well-known education field. Not forgetting to mention the best part of it: video games. Whether it is moving words, images or backgrounds, the presence of animation is definitely prominent in our current society.

Highly sought after skills

Not anyone can be a graphic designer or an animator. Like other professionals, graphic designers and animators needs to undergo a lot of training to hone their skills. Sometimes it is not just about creativity and strong visualisation skills, the ones listed below are just as crucial towards having a successful career in graphics design and animation.

Graphics design

– Typography (utilisation of font heights, shapes and spacing)

– Colour theory (utilisation of colour contrasts and harmonies along with lighting and shadowing)

– Layout (organisation of the structure of elements in a space)


– Accuracy and attention to detail (Observation in slight changes of movements)

– Drawing skills (Putting down observation into drawn images)

– Audio and video editing (Syncing life and voice into the subjects created)

Grid_Synergy is a production house in Singapore that is made up of a group of dedicated and passionate people of creativity, mostly animators and graphic designers who aims to deliver impactful messages through their creations.  In the uprising trend of the entertainment industry, their services reign across several fields including movies, web video productions, and television programmes. Corporate videos for advertising purposes or educational videos for children are also within their scope of expertise.

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