Applicants with digital expertise on board: Grid_Synergy is hiring!


Grid_Synergy, a recognized transmedia studio in Singapore, is looking for people who are open to expand their knowledge and hone expertise in providing solutions in the field of social media and web development. There are two vacant positions to be filled in which are all related to multimedia and education. Thus, careers that promote learning with the aid of visual arts and modern media trend. It has also catered different digital solutions for virtual concerns and modern demands of the large scale of audience in the internet.

“Want to be part of our team?”, says the company. Grid_Synergy invites aspirants to apply for the two available positions in the company. Digital and visual related arts await those who will fill the positions up in the company.

The company is currently looking for: E-Learning Technologist and Learning Instructional Designer. The team are looking for people who embody their vision and beliefs, someone who ignite passion, push boundaries, bring creativity, dedication and energy to all the tasks and projects. Moreover, the vacant position also calls for those who can put on such characteristics to produce an effective material for learning and contribute to the e-learning industry.

Grid_Synergy also offers educational videos, animation, web designs, different video production for television, cinema, and corporate videos as well.  Visual arts and cutting edge media are utilized in producing the aforementioned projects and materials for different marketing or video marketing purposes. Furthermore, every project are done with innovative concepts and ideas fit for the objective. The team behind the company are equipped with knowledge and skills to execute the plan and achieve the target results.

It has worked with 10 clients that are known in the borderless platform of media not only on the web but on television that caters global audience as well. Grid_Synergy is specializes in video marketing to help clients reach a wide scale audience. Applicants, thus, are able to expand their skills and further establish their career in this modern platform.

Interested applicants can send their CV to: The company will accommodate questions and application requirements through the given email. They also encourage applicants who are passionate about the job and are willing to learn.

The website of the company shows the glimpse of what Grid_Synergy is all about. The team also welcomes clients, audiences, and applicants alike as they show every member in the group. Thus, a virtual encounter with the people a person will be working with in the future.

About the company:

Grid_Synergy is a transmedia studio specializing in multimedia in producing website designs, corporate videos, educational videos, cinema, graphic designs, seo and the likes. The company works with its vision – ‘We ignite passion. We push boundaries. We bring creativity, dedication and energy to every project. We challenge the status quo. We shift perceptions. We tell engaging and compelling stories across multiple media platforms.’ To find out more, visit:

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