Applied Physics Offers an Extensive List of Product Catalogs Available to Customers


Applied Physics keeps their product catalogs accessible to a huge number of individuals uploading them in their website for easy access and reach.

Applied Physics considers transparency as a very important part of their business and as such, they make sure to provide their customers a clear overview on what to expect when they wish to purchase Carbon coater, Sputter coater and the likes. The company is able to do this by setting up a dedicated download page that is made specifically for their product catalogs. These can be viewed by almost anyone at any given time when the need calls for one to do so.

Those who are looking to buy Electron microscope and other associated products can check out the product catalog that is available on their website which greatly helps in sealing a purchase. Timely and relevant information are provided with each and every one of their catalogs which include product specifications. The company has a variety of Cressington coater each with their own respective features and settings.

For instance, The Cressington 108 Auto sputter coater that they have in store offers the choice between manual and automatic operation. On its product catalog page, customers will find other important information such as chamber size, sputter head, sputter target, and sputter supply, control method, dimensions, power and the likes. There are also specifications for pumping system and the services it requires such as supply, power and argon gas. Those who are looking for a particular brand or model or want to tell the difference between each and every one of Cressington coater model will be able to do so in a short amount of time with just a few clicks of a button over Applied Physics. The same can also be said with regards to the other products found over their website

Applied Physics’ product selection is continually expanding and as such, you can expect to find more products to be added to their selection in the future. The Semi-Kleen plasma cleaner that they have has in depth product brochure showcasing the highlights and features this particular product has. Customers can expect to find more catalogs ready for viewing and download such as the ones used for Decontaminator. Aside from that, the company also provides unrivaled protections with its 5 year warranty and return anytime policy which is noteworthy and very much welcomed feature a huge number of their clients are benefiting greatly from.

About Applied Physics:

Applied Physics Pte Ltd is a scientific instrument distribution company incorporated in Singapore. It’s services and products offering are dedicated to the electron microscopy community. Their products include RF plasma cleaner, sputter coater, carbon coater, high vacuum evaporators, freeze fracture coating solutions, vacuum pumping systems and consumables. Their dedicated team of people comes with years of extensive experience in the field of electron microscopy and micro analysis. You can head over to their website today at to find out more.

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