Applied Physics offers State-of-the-Art Scientific Instruments in Singapore


Applied Physics Pte Ltd is a company that specialises in providing state-of-the-art scientific instruments in Singapore today. They are the top distributor of the latest products used by the electron microscopy community in the island.

Electron microscopy is a field that requires precision and accuracy. And so, it is only ideal way to make use of the best equipment possible in order to achieve correct results. This is what Applied Physics would like to offer their customers: a selection of the best scientific instruments that will make their research faster and more accurate.

Applied Physics offers a wide array of products which are essential to electron microscopy. From Electron microscopes and coating to plasma cleaning and decontamination, they got you covered. They have Sputter coater for FESEMs and TEMs, a necessary tool to use for improved specimen preparation as well as to create ultra high resolution imaging. They offer Cressington’s new and advanced coater which is perfect for ultra high resolution imaging. Aside from sputter coating, the company also provides Cressington Carbon coater for more advanced specimen preparation. The carbon coating is suitable for non-conductive samples that require ultra high resolution imaging.

The company also offers products such as the Plasma cleaner, which is essential to keeping electron and ion microscopes free from hydrocarbon contamination. Their SEMI-KLEEN plasma cleaner is a top-of-the-line vacuum plasma cleaner designed for a wide range of vacuum systems. This advanced product offers more efficient plasma cleaning, and can beat other competitors on any specification. They also provide decontaminators, vacuum pumping systems, and consumables.

At Applied Physics, clients are able to find a selection of the best scientific instruments that are available today. They provide only the most cutting-edge technology to give clients the excellent quality that they need for their electron microscope and other scientific instruments. Their dedication to providing the best of the best to the electron microscopy community is what made them a top distributor of scientific instruments in Singapore today.

In the field of electron microscopy, it is essential to come up with the most accurate results. That is why we strive to avoid decontamination. For this, we will definitely need top quality scientific instruments, which includes decontaminators, coaters, and other equipment needed to come up with the best imaging.  With the top quality products that they offer, clients are assured that they will achieve the best results possible. Applied Physics is the company that is constantly relied on by the electron microscopy community in Singapore. They are undoubtedly the most trusted distributor of the best scientific instruments in the island today.


About Applied Physics Pte Ltd

Applied Physics is a Singapore-based company that is known to offer top-of-the-line scientific instruments. They provide a wide range of products, which is dedicated to the electron microscopy community. From High Vacuum Evaporators to Freeze Fracture Coating solutions, Applied Physics has something for everyone. To know more about Applied Physics, you may visit their website at

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