Arium School of Arts and Sciences (ASAS) celebrates is back to back achievements in providing quality education for its students


Arium School of Arts and Sciences (ASAS), a nationally acknowledged educational institution in Singapore, announced that they have received two back to back awards in the year 2013 – 2014. The school is awarded with Asia Excellence Award and Promising SME 500 2013 Award (Recognizing Business Excellence).

After its feat in thriving to give the best education with ASAS CASETrust for Education certification in 2006 where it provides an assurance that the institutionhas been found to meet clearly stated criteria and will continue to meet them. Moreover, the school continues to comply with the regulations under the Private Education Act in 2009. As their continuous effort to give the best quality of education with its vast consideration to the fast-paced and ever-changing age of today, they have come to be recognized by award giving bodies to appreciate their success in fulfilling their mission.

For about 11 years, the Arium School of Arts and Sciences (ASAS) has been established with varied WDA courses complyingwith high-grade standards in its curriculum and programs. Included in the institution’s courses are:child psychology in Singapore, business management courses, psychology course in Singapore, counseling courses in Singapore, hr courses Singapore, hotel management courses in Singapore, early childhood courses and others.

The school’s back to back success is its reflection of excellence and commitment to its passion in the domains of academic realm. For two consecutive years, ASAS have received the following awards:

The Asia Excellence Award
ASAS was awarded with the Asia Excellence Award 2014 in last May of the year. The award given serves as a recognition to local companies that prove superiorityin providing quality products and commendable services rendered to the public. The award was also to show its recognition as the school givesits contributions to the economic development of Singapore by providing competent workforce through their programs and trainings. The educational institution, with the WDA courses offered has contributed efficient and globally competent workforce that serves as an asset to the economy of Singapore.

Promising SME 500 2013 Award: Recognizing Business Excellence
In the following year, Arium School of Arts & Sciences again received another recognition being an awardee of the Promising SME 500, 2013. This award is given by the Small Medium Business Association of Singapore (SMBA).This award is given to the Top 500 Promising home-grown SMEs in Singapore.

This two awards, unequivocally, are the result of the hardworking Academic Board and Examination Board of the school as these two institutional bodies are responsible in maintaining the highest standards in teaching, facilitation and student engagement for the school and, furthermore,ensuring a high level of academic standard through closely studied exam policy, system and procedures, assessment practice and standards, security and integrity.

About Arium School of Arts and Sciences (ASAS):
Arium School of Arts and Sciences (ASAS) is established and registered with the Ministry of Education, Singapore in 2004. For 11 years in service, the school continues to fulfill its core objective of giving quality and affordable educational programs that meet the needs of students, through our linkages with regionally accredited American institutions. To find out more visit:

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