Arium School of Arts & Sciences (ASAS) gives academic opportunities for more students withits financial aids and assistance for government subsidies


Arium School of Arts and Sciences (ASAS), a nationallyacknowledged educational institution in Singapore, opens academic opportunities to a greater number of students as it offersfinancial aids and operative assistance for government subsidies. This act is one of the means of the school to fulfill their mission of offering quality and affordable education programs that meet the educational needs of students.

“At ASAS we aim to be able to provide you with quality programs that should help you in your current or future career.”the director of Arium School of Arts & Sciences, Mack Fei Sun said. Promising and enthusiastic students are now given the opportunity to avail the quality of education ASAS offers for a lesser cost. Student grants are offered and government grants from WDA are also extended for its students.

With its constant monitoring of course curriculum and bonds with educational partners and the financial aid to the students, the school is able to sustain the goal of keeping up with the global demands for competent graduates which are not measured by age, sex, gender or race but by their ability to contribute to the growth of the economic stature wherever they are.

Students whose problems are mostly about financial concerns will now be able to enroll in WDA courses such as psychology course, counseling courses,hr courses singapore, hotel management courses, early childhood courses, and others which are varied as well in the level of expertise they would like to attain.

ASAS generally offers Advanced Diploma of Arts where students can specialize their field of studies under different academic domains such as Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Hospitality and Business. Furthermore, ASAS partnership with Adams State University in USA allows students to hold a course transfer agreement and gain experience and knowledge in a different set up with different cultures.

For Psychology courses in Singapore, Arium School of Arts and Sciences offers graduate diploma in Education and child psychology, graduate diploma in organization psychology, graduate diploma in Healthy Psychology, Clinical & counseling psychology, sports psychology, Specialist diploma in educational psychology, and Specialist diploma in Special Needs education.

Varied certification and diploma are also given in other courses mentioned above. Moreover, the school also has criminology/ sociology courses and programs. The program under this course have undergone a comprehensive study and has been devised to meet the standards in giving quality education and preparing the students with experiences that will make them competent in the actual practice.

The school has a website where one can make inquiries and learn more about the educational institution including its achievements and milestones.

About Arium School of Arts and Sciences (ASAS):
Arium School of Arts and Sciences (ASAS) is established and registered with the Ministry of Education, Singapore in 2004. The awardee of e Asia Excellence Award 2014 and Promising SME 500, 2013 hasgrown from its core objective of giving quality and affordable educational programs that meet the needs of students, through our linkages with regionally accredited American institutions. To find out more visit:

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