An Array Of Microsoft Services in Singapore


microsoft-azure-singaporeThe Microsoft business is gradually moving towards the cloud while computing a large space with some number of great offering which makes a great use of the entire global business on the internet. The functions of the Microsoft are not known by everyone. But one has to remember that all the services of the Microsoft cloud need the help of Windows Live ID.

Some of the best offerings of the Microsoft are listed below

  • The Microsoft Azure is one of the most flexible computing cloud platforms which have been designed in order to support the entire web services. The application cost is very minimum when compared to the other services. Also, this application has only one time minimum fee, unlike other applications that come up with hefty monthly rental. It has more than 99.9% uptime which is why it is one of the best choices to all the Singapore based companies.
  • If one needs a database, the SQL Microsoft server is always there within the cloud. Because there are no problems of managing the entire database, the cost cutting also gets reduced along with the number of employees. It offers very customized package for different storage capacity.
  • Since the exchange is done online, the employees can also get an access to the emails no matter where they go. This has become one of the most important features as one get the access t0 mail at anytime from anywhere. The protection of the exchange online also helps to protect the important emails from getting virus infected.
  • The best thing about the service of the Microsoft Azure is that it has the ability to support their employees collaborate and share details via the internet. This can be done irrespective of the time and the location as well.

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