Arium School of Arts & Sciences, an educational institution in Singapore is striving to offer quality and affordable advanced education programs that will meet the students’ educational needs.

ASAS has got the best curricula in developing the necessary skills for the students who aspire to be involved with studies in the field of Psychology. The institution provides competitive and quality specialized programs for Psychology such as the:

  • Specialist Diploma in Child Psychology which will facilitate students to gain knowledge of the mind, societal and emotional development of children.
  • Specialist Diploma in Counseling Psychology which will rally round students in understanding how to assist people in recuperating their sense of well being, improving their distress, resolving their emergency and improving their ability to work out problems and make judgement for themselves.
  • Specialist Diploma in Educational Psychology which will help students in studying the learning processes; on discovering what motivates individual to learn; methods in classroom management; understanding the differences in intelligence, cognitive development and helping children and young people who are going through terrible time within an educational setting.
  • Specialist Diploma in Organizational Psychology which involves the understanding of how to apply psychological theories and principles to organizations.
  • Specialist Diploma in Psychology Studies which will help students be aware of themselves and the people around them.
  • Specialist Diploma in Special Needs Education which provides techniques and methods on enhancing students’ skills in treating the ‘special needs students’ who are kids with understanding problems or disabilities that formulate it harder for them to be taught than most children of the same age. Specialist Diploma in Sports Psychology which aims to help students understand how psychology theories able to influence sports, athletic routine, exercise and physical action.

ASAS believes that to acquire a basic understanding of Psychology is an empirical science with the need to be exposed to the diversity of topic areas covered within the discipline of Psychology & Advanced study of Psychology. Students will be exposed to the enhancement of ability to select and use the appropriate methods required to pursue a career in Psychology and to understand the theoretical background to, construction of, administration of and interpretation of psychology tests and assessment procedures.

Aside from these diploma courses, the institution likewise provides for advanced studies in the academic approach for Psychology. As a matter of fact, it has on its list the advanced diploma courses such as the Graduate Diploma in Clinical & Counseling Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Health Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Organization Psychology and Graduate Diploma in Education & Child Psychology.

Furthermore, the institution also offers Advanced Diploma of Arts for different academic fields. The Advanced Diploma of Arts of ASAS aims to provide students with specialized area of studies in Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Hospitality and Business fundamentals. ASAS holds a course transfer agreement with Adams State University in USA.

Just as how committed the institution is in providing a high standard of service, ASAS likewise promotes a productive environment and develops transparent redress policies sufficiently disseminated to students.

ASAS envisions being a leader in providing customer driven programs and services that meet the education and training needs of individuals and organizations through its linkages with regionally accredited American institutions. Most importantly, the institution constantly aspires to being an important aid in helping students achieve their dreams and ambitions.

Arium School of Arts & Sciences is an educational institution in Singapore which strives to offer quality and affordable education programs that meet the students’ educational needs. It provides programs ranging from specializations in Psychology, Criminology, Sociology, Business, Hospitality, Health and Social Care and Communication Studies. For more information, visit:

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