Assalaamualaikum Enterprise: A Complete Company for Moving and Storage Services


It’s not every day when you get to find a moving company that can handle local and international relocation plus warehouse storage for your valuable things. This is what business is meant for Assalaamualaikum Enterprise.

Whether it is a residential, corporate or commercial entity, the company can take care of your needs for transporting and storing goods and stuffs. This company has been in service for two decades now. The professional movers employed by the company can carry on the tasks involved in moving including the stress and the hassles of paperwork and documentation.

Assalaamualaikum has its cutting edge transportation arrangements and warehouse capabilities that can guarantee you that your valuable items would retain their original shape and condition when they were packed up to the time they are placed in your new location.

A number of offices, companies, schools and even famous individuals have been served by Assalaamualaikum Enterprise. One of these people is Berita Harian who has managed to write a story about her experience.

If you are in search for a moving company in Singapore, you can simply ask for a free online quote from the Assalaamualaikum Enterprise. Through this, the company can also assess their client’s needs. For corporate or commercial organizations, they usually offer short or long term contract. For individual clients, they provide different packages that all include door-to-door delivery.

Another thing is that the manpower supply of the company which normally includes 3 to 5 people can do all the lifting for you. They can also take care of disassembling your furniture and also pack your electronic appliances safely.

Assalaamualaikum Enterprise offers their different clients with 14-footer trucks and also covered lorries for your transport. They have high standards for the qualifications of their drivers. They need to have the experience to maneuver large trucks with heavy load to make sure that your stuffs will be delivered safely and on time.

Down to the specifics of packing materials used, Assalaamualaikum Enterprise makes sure that it is of high quality. They use boxes, masking tape, and also bubble wrap to ensure that your things are packed smoothly and safely.

Disposal service is also offered for those stuffs that you deem as unnecessary. Assalaamualaikum Enterprise is ready for any inquiries all the time.

About Assalaamualaikum Enterprise:
Assalaamualaikum Enterprise is a complete relocation company that focuses on local and international transporting of goods for all types of establishments. This has been in operation for two decades now. If you want to know more about its services, check its site here:

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