Assalaamualaikum Enterprise offers warehouse storage solutions for an efficient and convenience moving experience


Assalaamualaikum Enterprise, full-service relocation company that offers packing and transportation services for residential and commercial purposes, offers warehouse storage solutions in Singapore for an efficient and convenient relocation experience.

Storage is important in every relocation. Moving from one place to another will require massive space since every essential belongings and things such as furniture and personal stuff are included. Each and every object will basically occupy a space.

Furthermore, the moving company in Singapore recognize that space for storage can be potentially problematic when not addressed properly. In addressing the problem, they’ve offered a massive yet cheap storage in Singapore where all the belongings and stuff of the clients are safely stored.

Assalaamualaikum Enterprise offers a variety of solutions to fit different storage needs. The home and office movers have offers facilities that can hold a multitude of materials: from small to big, fragile to durable, and brand new to classic antique. They do a thorough inspection of the premises on a regular basis so as to ensure its cleanliness and security.

The company also provided useful information about their warehouse solutions which can be used by the clients whenever they’re in need of such service.

With us, you can store your valuable items for however long you require. Whether it’s your personal belongings or your business assets, we’ll keep them safely tucked away for you. Once you’re ready to claim them, we can have them delivered right where you want them.

Instead of paying for a large chunk of space that you don’t need, we provide a lot of storage sizes options that is well-suited to the kind and number of items you want to store.

We are very considerate of our customers’ budgets. Our base prices are already competitive enough as it is, but in order to deliver fair service, we also give pro-rated charges on a case-to-case basis.

Furthermore, we do not require deposit fees so as to return the trust our clients have bestowed upon us by engaging our storage services.

  • SGD 3.60 per square foot
  • SGD 250.00 per lot (1 lot fits full load of one 14-footer lorry)
  • Pro-rated charges apply when your items are less than full load or one lot.
  • No deposit required

It is important to note that the prices stated are on a monthly basis. This is to properly guide the clients and customer about the payment details in making use of the service.

About Assalaamualaikum Enterprise:
Assalaamualaikum Enterprise specializes in relocation and storage solutions for residential, commercial, and corporate entities. The moving company serve the length of Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia, relieving you of the stress and hassle that comes with transporting and safekeeping goods. Having been in the industry for almost two decades, our team of professional movers can handle a wide range of transportation requirements. Whether it is local or international, they can guide you through the nitty-gritty details of moving, which may include arranging all necessary documentation. To find out more, visit:

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