Assalaamualaikum Enterprise Provide Quality Relocation Solutions for People Moving Home


international-moversMoving home can get quite complicated due to all the details you need to consider. After having decided the location of your new home, you would need to think of how the home will be in terms of design. Thus, you first refurnish the interior of the home based on what you like before moving your furniture into the house. There’s also the issue of where each item should be placed in the house. Once all these details have been planned out, you would need reliable home movers in Singapore to help professionally move your furniture and other items into your new home.

Assalaamualaikum Enterprise provides customers with movers and packers in Singapore to help efficiently transport all their home items to the new home. The company specialises in storage and relocation solutions for various purposes other than residential such as for commercial and corporate entities. Having a team of professional movers, the company covers a wide range of places in Singapore as well as Peninsular Malaysia.

Since Assalaamualaikum Enterprise has already been in the industry for almost two decades, they know how to best treat customers’ belongings so as to ensure careful handling throughout the whole process. From packing up to transporting to settling the home items down in your new location, every step is gone through well. The company also helps guide customers through the details of moving, which also sometimes include arranging any necessary documentation.

There are a few key points which make Assalaamualaikum Enterprise stand out. Firstly, in terms of cost effectiveness, Assalaamualaikum Enterprise manages to provide customers just what they need according to the budget set, rather than typically resorting to a standard charge for all. Secondly, Assalaamualaikum Enterprise gives customers many different options and allow for flexibility. They take time to do onsite quotations and personal surveys to first gain understanding of customers’ needs. Thirdly, Assalaamualaikum Enterprise has received many great feedbacks from customers who are satisfied with the staff support. The company has a trustworthy crew to ensure the smooth transportation of furniture and other items.

As mentioned earlier, there are mainly three services provided by Assalaamualaikum Enterprise. There is the local relocation service, whereby the company offers manpower support which includes a team to help in all the heavy lifting. In addition, packing materials are given and utilized to ensure that the move is much smoother. There are also covered trucks and lorries for movers to load all packages onto as well as to transport to the new location, and if customers have any items to get rid of during the move, the company provides disposal options.

Customers from West Malaysia looking for international movers can go for Assalaamualaikum Enterprise’s international relocation, which help moving home items to and from West Malaysia and Singapore. The company covers all aspects of packing and transportation needed for international moving, leaving customers with a stress-free move.

Another service provided is warehouse storage. Customers who need a temporary storage space for their home items can make use of the spacious facilities which Assalaamualaikum Enterprise has. The company also does a thorough inspection of their storage space to ensure cleanliness and security on a regular basis. This would help keep customers’ items safe and in good condition for retrieval.


Assalaamualaikum Enterprise has a team of professional movers in Singapore who aid in the relocation of customers from place to place as well as provide a storage space for various kinds of items. The company covers for different needs of customers, such as for hotels, schools, offices and many others. To learn more, please visit

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