Assalaamualaikum Enterprises offers affordable movers and storage


Assalaamualaikum Enterprises is a moving company that is based in Singapore, specializing in providing relocation solutions both locally and internationally. If you are in search of cheap movers or cheap storage, Assalaamualaikum Enterprises is the right moving company for you.

There are a lot of moving companies in Singapore today, but not everyone provides relocation solutions like Assalaamualaikum Enterprises. They have a team of professional movers and packers that are ready to assist clients in all aspects of relocating. They will assist you when it comes to packing your items. They have complete packing materials to make packing easier for you. They will utilize boxes, bubble wrap, and masking tape to safely pack your items. They will also cover your moving needs, such as lifting as well as loading and unloading of your belongings.

Assalaamualaikum Enterprises also provides transportation for an easier and smoother relocation of your belongings. They have 24-foot trucks to transfer your items to any location in Singapore. The movers are going to carefully place your items into the trucks, making sure that none of your belongings are damaged and the space is maximized. Moreover, they give disposal options in case the client decides to get rid of some items when moving. When you don’t want to bring something to your new place, just ask them; they will handle the disposal for you.

Assalaamualaikum Enterprises not only provides relocation services locally. They also provide international relocation services, from Singapore to Western Malaysia and vice versa. They provide the same service as with the local relocation solutions. They are ready to provide manpower, with Malay movers that are professional and meticulous when it comes to loading and unloading your belongings.

They also have trucks and lorries, with 24 to 40 foot trucks to help you with transferring items to and from Malaysia. Not only do they provide manpower and transportation for those who would like to move to and from Malaysia, they also take care of the documentation needed for the international relocation.

Assalaamualaikum Enterprises will handle all the requirements needed to push through the relocation, such as GST Permit Application, Electronical Appliances Permit Application, Customs Declaration, and so on.

They are a moving company that also offers cheap storage services in Singapore. Assalaamualaikum Enterprises has facilities to store multiple kinds of items: large or small items, durable and fragile items, antique or brand new goods. They are careful when it comes to storing your items, regularly inspecting the stored items to ensure their cleanliness and security.

Assalaamualaikum Enterprises provides quality services that come in very affordable prices. They are a company that prioritizes the customer’s needs. They are the best when it comes to providing cheap movers and storage in Singapore.

About Assalaamualaikum Enterprises
Assalaamualaikum Enterprises is a Singapore-based moving company providing professional but affordable relocation services. Among their solutions are local and international relocation services, as well as warehouse storage services. They are a moving company that is reliable when it comes to moving items not just around Singapore but also in other countries such as Malaysia. To know more about Assalaamualaikum Enterprises, please visit their website:

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