Assalaamualaikum Enterprises provides Professional Movers for Local and International Relocation in Singapore


Assalaamualaikum Enterprises, more commonly known as AE Logistics, is a Singapore-based premier moving company that offers relocation solutions for residential, commercial, and corporate purposes. They are the most trusted when it comes to providing professional local and international movers today.

Providing hassle-free relocation experience is the main goal of AE Logistics’ professional movers and packers, and that is precisely what they have been providing their clients for almost two decades now. The efficiency and professionalism of their house and office movers makes them the most trusted relocation solutions provider in Singapore today. They are capable of handling a variety of transportation requirements for local and international relocation, and they also make sure to be consistent in providing excellent moving and storage services in the country. This makes them one of the most trusted moving companies in Singapore today.

AE Logistics’ movers and packers are all certified professionals that are known for their versatility, meticulousness, and attentiveness when it comes to clients’ relocation needs. They make sure to handle your belongings carefully and preserve its original state from when they are packed up until they are settled in your new home or office. They are also fully equipped with packing materials to assist the clientele in packing your belongings. They will utilize boxes, bubble wrap, masking tape, and all other types of materials to keep your items secured throughout the relocation. All of your belongings will be safely placed into the truck, and the movers will ascertain that the space will be maximized. Moreover, if you have items which you no longer have to take with you, the company offers disposal options. AE Logistics also provide cheap storage services if you are still uncertain in moving some items into the new location, but in need of a storage facility to temporarily keep them.

They also provide transportation for easier and faster relocation of your items. They moving company provides 24-foot trucks to transfer your items to any location in Singapore. And for international relocation from Malaysia, they provide the same transportation services, along with a team of reliable Malay movers who will help you with all the packing and heavy lifting.  They will even help you deal with the documents necessary for international relocation, such as the GST Permit Application, Electronic Appliances Application, and other. From packing to loading and unloading your items, AE Logistics’ skilled professional movers are always ready to help you in every aspect of relocation.

AE Logistics is a Singapore moving company that knows the clients’ need for a secure and hassle-free relocation that comes at a cheap price. Their professional movers will always be at your service, and got all of your packing and moving needs covered.

About Assalaamualaikum Enterprises

Assalaamualaikum Enterprises is a Singapore-based moving company providing professional but affordable relocation services. Among their solutions are local and international relocation services, as well as warehouse storage services. They are a moving company that is reliable when it comes to moving items not just around Singapore but also in other countries such as Malaysia.

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