Away from the ordinary: Graphic Direction features a wide range of distinctive Corporate gifts


Singapore- Graphic Direction, a Corporate gift Singapore specialist, provides a full package service for a wide range of distinctive corporate gifts. Individuality and creativity is homed by the company to help clients arrive at the best corporate gift ideas for their company.

Graphic direction has more than ten corporate gift ideas and category for the client to choose from. Each has their own distinct characteristics and uses. From the gifts one can use daily to the high tech corporate gifts that will surely hit the top trends of products being patronized today.

Moreover, it is apparent how the company’s catalogue offers diverse products as well in a single category. Hence, one still has more options even just by browsing on one corporate gift category. What is more, they also assist in the design to assure the over-all quality of their products and achieve the maximum satisfaction from the clients.

The team also knows every essence and value of the corporate gifts. They have carefully selected the most interesting ideas and means to present their products and its usefulness to the recipients.  They have are equipped with adequate knowledge on the evolving and emerging trends eventually making an output of customized corporate gifts to perfectly suit the modern merchandise.

Many of the products offered by the Graphic direction cannot be seen in ordinary corporate gift suppliers as they provide quirky items for each category especially for those products that are highly in demand in the industry such as those of the drink ware.

The clients can choose from different categories such as Daily Use with products like cutlery sets, care pouch, drink coasters, mobile phone holders, coin banks, and the likes; Door gifts such as SG36 – GALAXY Wireless Charger, sports towels, color pencils, and quirky leather products; Different drink ware products namely memo notebook bottle, Stainless steel, titan drink bottle, flexi foldable drink bottle bags and other drink ware products; Eco-friendly products like sticky notes ring pad, tri-fold eco notepad, recycled papered pen, eco stand up  sticky note memo with pen and others.

As the company says,  “We are proud that we are one of the very few corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore that has actual local production facilities and stocks to meet tight deadlines set by customers.” Thus, they are not only limited to clients with massive order requirements as they accommodate clients who have low minimum order quantity.

About the company:

At Graphic Direction, we provide a one-stop service for our clients. We have our own in-house graphic designers and printing services. We are uniquely positioned to provide full support to our clients in processing orders, layout and artwork, proofing and printing of logos, to final delivery of the product. As a Corporate Gifts Singapore specialist, we source and provide unique and customized gifts to our customers. We are also one of the largest corporate gifts stockist in Singapore. With readily available stock and in house capabilities, we are able to provide our clients a quick turnaround time. We also cater for clients who have a low minimum order quantity (MOQ). To find out more, visit:

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