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Having a baby preparation can be both interesting, time consuming as well as money spending for the essential things a baby needs including diapers, clothes and toys. However, parents should focus more on value of money and quality rather than looks and others things that will cause decrement as babies are growing faster each day in a year compare to kids. Parents also need to make out a plan and put on a little thoughts and consideration to avoid spending too much on a newly born baby.

In case of baby clothes, one thing to notice is that babies can be quite messy and parents needs to have a plentiful of clothes in hands. It must be made from strong, durable and safe fabrics with no irritating tags or seams. An advice from experts is that the clothes should either be 100% combed cotton or 100% organic. This could help avoiding reactions in babies with sensitive skins which in returns making them more comfortable in that clothes.

On the other hands, size plays a role in defining comfortable clothes to be wear by a baby which should not be too tight and too loose. It has to be fit and sometimes need to go up a size. Another thing to avoid alongside scratchy garment is choking hazards such as string, buttons, among the others. Although choking hazards made up for the fine embellishments, it also can cause troublesome and frustration to the parents when doing diaper change. Instead of choking hazards, parents should opt for the envelope-like folds at the neckline and magnetic snaps at the crotch of their babies.

When buying a baby cloth, parents should always aim for simplicity and the basic including styles and colours. It is a good idea to stock up on the white snap-crotch t-shirt as it can be pair with anything and works wells as an undergarment as well as providing low overheating and easily wearable.

At one point, parents might opt for the romper suit instead of finding the perfect shirts and shorts for their babies as the romper suit is more efficient in term of covering and money value. It is usually loose fitting and light with the conventions and style varied around the globe to suit the weather and taste of fashion. The garment also known as a one piece garment covering the body and legs of the wearer similar to the coverall but comes with shorter legs such as puffed pants.

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Mini is an online designer apparel store wholly owned and operated by Little Playground Private Limited for infants to children with over 50 international brands at affordable prices. These brands include Armani Junior, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and Monnalisa. The company also provide latest fashion trends and edgy brands including Stella McCartney, Paul Smith Junior, Hucklebones and Pale Cloud.

The company dedicated to offers stylish dressed for both babies and kids ranging from age 0 to 16 years old. There are clothes for any occasions or chic basics for them to look stunning and fashionable everyday with a good quality at the best prices. For more information, visit

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