Basic Tips For Spring Cleaning


Cleaning house in the spring is a must. Everyone tends to clean their house once in a year. Gone was the time when cleaning was done in spring to welcome the winter as per the

Research based in Singapore here are a few tips to clean and maintain the house in any season.

spring cleaning

Key tips for spring cleaning

  • The first move for spring cleaning is to de-clutter all the unnecessary object or things from the home. People have the tendency to keep the things for memories or even keep the broken parts. Say no to all unused full things. For e.g. junk newspapers, magazines, damaged utensils, planters, etc. One has to clean it on a regular basis to have more space for other important things.
  • Make the kit for cleaning. Take one box which is easy to carry and keep all the useful items for cleaning like dust cloth, soap, brush, spray, mob, wipes, rubber gloves, sponge, carpet cleaner etc.
  • Start with step by step cleaning. Clean carpets and fabrics. Clean the floor and unwanted places to get it cleaned. Clean the wall and woodwork with the dry cloth. Put one bin bag to dump unwanted stuff.
  • Vacuum the area previously occupied with refrigerator, washing machine and the furniture.
  • All the racks and armoire can be cleaned one by one. Start by selecting a particular area like the drawing room, kitchen or bedroom.
  • Do not jump into cleaning all the house on a single day. Plan the five-day cleaning and start with per room a day.
  • Clean all ceiling and fixture with cleaning liquid. Very carefully dry clean the chandelier with the dry cloth.
  • One can go for multi-tasking if there are more people to support.

At the end, be comfortable and throw some dinner or family lunch to get the reward and satisfied with the spring cleaning. The clean house has positive vibration and brings good luck and success.

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