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With the daily stresses of working and running errands, it wouldn’t be a surprise if your skin takes a toll on your busyness. If you skip out on pampering and treatments, your skin may be left vulnerable or worse prone to acne. This is where Only Aesthetic can come to the rescue. It has various methods for the body, face, hair and many more. If you’ve also been experiencing chronic pain, it would be advisable to consider their Pain Management package

Look your best by considering a facial, an IPL hair removal and many other treatments at Only Aesthetic today.

Get pampered and treat your body well

Aside from exercising, another way to sculpt your body back in shape would be through a couple of Body Sculpting and Firming treatments. If you’re looking for a beauty center which specializes in coolsculpting at Singapore, you can count on Only Aesthetic to deliver the Zeltiq Coolsculpting.


With Only Aesthetic’s body shaping technology, you can permanently lose about 30% of your body fat. This should be the ideal treatment to complement your workout efforts. Get the figure you’ve always wanted at the fastest time possible. You can shed off those extra incheswithin just 60 minutes, so you could look your best and wear your most favorite outfits.

Feel rejuvenated with highly effective facials

A woman’s face can be vulnerable to harsh environments such as pollution and direct sunlight. With so much to do, she may also need the extra energy which can only be provided by coffee. However bybeing exposed to harsh elements, her skin may be at risk of having clogged pores and premature aging. This is why Only Aesthetic’s Clear Skin, Skin Resurfacing and Anti Aging treatments should give the pampering which every woman needs.


Among Only Aesthetic’s Clear Skin treatments include the Laser Skin Quickie, Peeology and SilkPeel. Only Aesthetic is also known to have four-fold features with its treatment packages which include painlessness, fastness, non-invasiveness and lesser downtime.


The IPL Hair Removal lets you take out unwanted hair

IPL hair removal still continues to be among the most effective treatments to take out unwanted hair from your lips, arm pits and legs among other areas of your body. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and this technology is used to target each hair pigment.


With a flash lamp tool, the hair cells of a targeted area will be triggered so it will no longer produce unwanted hair. Compared to laser hair removal, IPL  is also less harmful since it provides scattered light instead of a wavelength which is solely emitted by a single light.


About Only Aesthetics

As Singapore’s experienced health center, Only Aesthetics has administered over 1 million treatments to 600,000 satisfied customers. The clinic also has more than ten years of experience to serve the body, face, hair removal and many other wellness needs of men, women and even teenagers. For more information and to schedule your appointment, visit

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