Beauty Science Inc. brings beauty straight to your home


Beauty Science Inc. is a company that is based in Singapore which specializes in aesthetic technology. They are offering the best devices, bringing beauty treatment straight to your homes.

Beauty Science Inc. believes that achieving true beauty need not be expensive or painful. They have a wide range of carefully selected beauty aesthetic devices for you to choose from. They got the solution from everything, be it breast enhancement or home facial needs.

Among Beauty Science’s many products are the Blissful Bosom Enlargement, a breast enlargement therapy machine which stimulates the mammary glands and breast tissues in order to promote blood flow into the breasts, causing them to expand. This device also helps make the breasts firm and keep them from being saggy. With the Blissful Bosom Enlargement device, you get to have healthy and well-shaped breasts without the need to be under the knife.

Another device which the company offers is the HotIce Facial Massager, a ground breaking skincare device which gives you the best experience in home based facial care in Singapore. HotIce Facial Massager gives you a dual therapy action of heat and cold treatment in just a few seconds apart. This device uses heat in order to open up pores to expose dirt and remnants of make-up to the skin surface. The heat also helps stimulate blood circulation beneath the skin, enhance cell renewal, heal and re-energize the skin. The cold therapy, on the other hand, helps contract facial muscles, minimize the pores, soothe irritation and calm skin inflammation. Moreover, it helps soften wrinkles and pores, and retains moisture to the facial cells. This device treats your skin by renewing and protecting your skin cells at the same time. Not only that, the HotIce Facial Massager also promotes rejuvenates and invigorates you.

Beauty Science Inc. also has other products like the DepiTime Hair Removal, a device which makes hair removal painless and long lasting. This devices uses technology made in Japan, which carbonizes hair by means of heat transmission and promotes hair dropping from follicle completely. DepiTime will gradually decrease the density of body hair and attenuate the strength of hair with regular us.

The company is not just a one stop shop for home facial treatments in Singapore, for they are also a philanthropic organization who wishes to be able to contribute something to the society, Beauty Science Inc. donates a part of their profit to Society for the Disabled, a charity organization. Thus customers not only get to look beautiful on the outside using Beauty Science’s products; as they know they have also helped others, they also get to feel beautiful on the inside

Beauty Science Inc. offers beauty treatments that are painless and natural. With their well-chosen line of beauty aesthetic devices, customers are sure to get the best skincare and beauty treatment as if they have gone to the dermatology themselves. Beauty Science knows that achieving true beauty does not necessarily need to be painful, both to the customer’s body as well as to their budget.

About Beauty Science Inc.
Beauty Science Inc. is a Singapore based company specializing in beauty devices. Their aim is to make women look good and feel good without the need to go to a spa or salon. Their products are among the best of beauty aesthetic technologies that can be found in Singapore. It is a company the brings beauty straight to your home. For more information about Beauty Science Inc., please visit their website:

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