Beauty Science Inc., a full suite of beauty aesthetic devices providing for a state of total wellness to help women bring out the natural beauty within them, announces its Christmas Special of 20% discount off on all its devices, with no minimum purchase required!

Moreover, it will give away free 10mL Blissful Bosom Enlargement Essential Oil for the first twenty people to avail of the promo.

Beauty Science Inc. have tried and tested a large chunk of beauty aesthetic devices in what the beauty industry has to offer and have rounded up its essential must-have products. It invites women who are searching for the ultimate beauty device to buy and discover the suite’s carefully selected products. The suite provides for an inspiring product e-catalogue in its website, and it likewise provides for beauty advices in its Beauty Tips section to help women decide which products to invest in and which would fit in their beauty regimen.

The company constantly seeks for new technology and new aesthetic products in the cosmetology world. It offers multi-functional, quality and advanced technological aesthetic products that are do-it-yourself and anti-aging in nature. More so, they test all their products for quality and for results. They audit their suppliers’ products, verify their internal control systems and assess the quality standards in their work environment. And of course, they register their cosmetics products with Health Science Authority (HSA).

Each of the company’s aesthetic beauty devices comes with a user manual to advice on the therapeutic treatment needed. The treatment time and treatment cycle for each product differs depending on the technology in use and areas of focus therapy. Preparatory work prior to usage of each device varies. The manual provides for instructions that the user must read and follow, but if in doubt they can always contact the company and ask for their guidance.

In terms of results, these actually differ depending on many factors, as well as the expectations of individuals. Some people see results in a shorter period of time, while other take longer. The company recommends taking a photo before starting treatment to compare along the way. Once the user achieves her desired results, she can continue with the treatment therapy to sustain the benefits she has achieved for her skin.

As with the concern on how long does the treatment last on the skin, most of the company’s customers experience long term improvement in skin appearance and texture. To sustain these enhancements, customers are encouraged to undergo the maintenance therapy. This is to continue the luxury of the positive benefits achieved for their skin.

Beauty Science Inc. reminds consumers to beware of imitation products, ensure that they only patronise from authorised retailer or dealer. Lower priced inferior products usually come with shorter product life span.

These carefully chosen beauty devices at Beauty Science Inc. create opportunities for women to indulge in a state of total wellness to bring out the natural beauty within them. The company respects the importance of customers’ privacy to delight in these spa-like therapies in the comfort of their personal space. Beauty Science Inc. is primed to grow and break new frontiers with its customers!

Beauty Science Inc is a full suite of beauty aesthetic devices providing for a state of total wellness to help women bring out the natural beauty within them. The company practises its proprietary R5 Business Paradigm, and it only offers aesthetics products that produce effective results for market consumption that will multiply the effectiveness of its skin care products. For more information, visit:

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