Beauty Science Inc. offers top-of-the-line aesthetic technology in Singapore


Beauty Science Inc. is a company that specializes in providing state-of-the-art beauty aesthetics technology in Singapore. They offer a wide range of top quality products to help improve a person’s physical appearance.

There is a huge market for beauty aesthetics products. A lot of people aim to improve their appearance, but unfortunately, some people are too busy to visit an aesthetics clinic. Fortunately, Beauty Science Inc. is there to provide top quality products to help people improve their looks even if they are at home. They offer a variety of beauty aesthetics devices that can help them become more beautiful. Whether it is breast enhancement or home facial, they have something for every person in Singapore in need of a beauty boost.

Beauty Science Inc. offers a wide selection of beauty aesthetics devices which you can use at home. They offer products for home facial in Singapore, like the HotIce Facial Massager and Intense Revival. HotIce Facial Massager is a ground breaking skincare device which gives you the best experience in home-based facial care in Singapore. This product gives a dual therapy action of heat and cold treatment in just a few seconds apart. Heat is used in order to open up pores to expose dirt and remnants of make-up to the skin surface, as well as to enhance blood circulation and cell-renewal. The cold therapy helps contract facial muscles, minimize pores, and retain moisture to the facial cells, and it softens wrinkles and sooth skin irritation and inflammation. The Intense Revival, on the other hand, is a unique technology that is developed to rejuvenate dull and lackluster skin using radio frequency energy. This skin treatment reduces pigmentation and age spots, and even promotes haling of damaged skin.

Another popular product offered by Beauty Science would be the Blissful Bosom Enlargement. This therapy machine is what every woman in Singapore needs if they are looking for natural breast enhancement. This machine stimulates the mammary glands and breast tissues in order to promote blood flow into the breasts, thus promoting natural breast enlargement. This is just the perfect solution for those who want to have a bigger bosom without the need to do risky surgery.

Lastly, they offer a handy and effective hair removal technology which can be used at home. They offer the DepiTime Hair Removal, a device which makes hair removal painless and long lasting. This device makes use of technology made in Japan, which carbonizes hair by means of heat transmission and promotes hair dropping from follicle completely. This treatment can help lessen the density of hair, it provides longer lasting effects compared to other methods of hair removal.

All of Beauty Science’s products are tested and proven to be safe and effective. And the best part? They can simply deliver anywhere in Singapore – meaning you no longer have to visit a medical aesthetics clinic in order to look better.

Beauty Science Inc. is a company that the leader when it comes to providing top quality aesthetics technology in Singapore. They offer safe and effective ways to improve one’s appearance, right within their own homes.

About Beauty Science Inc.

Beauty Science Inc. is a Singapore based company specializing in beauty devices. Their aim is to make women look good and feel good without the need to go to a spa or salon. Their products are among the best of beauty aesthetic technologies that can be found in Singapore. It is a company the brings beauty straight to your home.

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