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find-best-hair-salons-and-latest-salon-promotions-in-singapore-at-beautyundercoverOur hair frames our face and shapes our image. Therefore finding a hair salon we can trust is a big deal. We all know how hard it is to find a hair salon with a stylist we can truly entrust our hair care with. They know the best colour, the best shapes and styles for us, and they make our hair healthy again after all the things we do to it.

Where to find the best hair salons in Singapore?

Yet, it isn’t easy finding a trust-worthy and the best hair salon with equally trustworthy stylists in Singapore. For those of us who frequent salons often, we know that there is no lack of sketchy salons which quotes a different price than they actually charge. Salons which give unsatisfactory service with bad attitude and non-transparent pricing can inflict great harm not only on our hair and our image, but also on our emotions and trust, leaving us with a sense of distrust and apprehension whenever we want to try a different salon.

Get hair salon reviews from real customers via Beauty Undercover

Amidst this world of predatory beauty and hair salons is where Beauty Undercover comes in. Beauty Undercover Singapore is a website with a mission: to help consumers avoid unpleasant incidents at predatory salons and discover actual salons that will give us consumers the great experience we pay for! Beauty Undercover evaluates hair and beauty salon based on their expertise, professionalism, and most importantly for us consumers: sincerity and integrity. Beauty Undercover hunts for salons that are willing to participate in their evaluation, and who are open to customers’ scrutiny. Customers of a chosen salon listed in Beauty Undercover website can leave their honest and very real comments on the website for other potential customers to see. This leaves salons with their profile on the website with their contact and address, accompanied by the reviews of each and every customer who had personally experienced their service and left their opinions. These reviews and comments will be totalled up into a review score that is an overall indication of consumer’s rating of the salon. Why is this system great? Future potential customers who are looking for the best hair salons for a haircut or hair perm can visit Beauty Undercover for a list of their trusted salons! With so many customer reviews, you can be assured of their quality and professionalism. Plus, we don’t need to worry about the quality of service dropping over time! The strict and regular feedback from customers allows consistent monitoring of the salons’ service level. A salon may be removed from Beauty Undercovers’ trusted list if their service level declines over time. So fear not of visiting a hair salon which was famous for their excellent service two years ago. If they are still on the list, chances are, their service is still as good- if not better from the feedback from all their customers!

Find hair salon promotions in Singapore on their website

If having the peace of mind when getting our hair treated in a new salon isn’t a big enough reason for you to keep Beauty Undercover eternally on your bookmark tab, get this: they feature promotions from hair salons too! You can hunt for promotions in different hair salons anywhere in Singapore! The easy-to-use search system on the website allows you to find the salon of your dreams on promotion price in a breeze with their filter system by promotion ending date, salon star rating, customer review rating, and even by distance from your home! Want to stay updated for hair treatments and hair styling with a budget? Sign up at their website now so you wouldn’t miss a single promo!

Beauty Undercover is a true Singaporean beauty hub with their coverage of not only hair salons, but face and body care too! It’s a comprehensive website that has all your beauty needs covered from head to toe! They even have an Inspiration Gallery that shows the latest hair styles and hair colours, if you need any inspiration for the next hair style to rock.

About Beauty Undercover:

Beauty Undercover is a beauty platform where everyone can share their reviews about their experiences in beauty salons. Together, they aim to help everyone discover great salons that provides services worth the money we spend as consumers! With the special discounts and secret privileges, Beauty Undercover aims to let you know which salons are the best, while providing you with the discounts and promotions we all love!

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