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beauty-salonWhether we like it or not, looks and beauty is an important aspect to survive in a society. With the influence of beauty trends from so many countries, people are continuously spoilt for choices and options when it comes to the latest looks and styles.

Lately, we see the Korean beauty trends and beauty products taking the market by storm, ranging from skin care to makeup and hair styles. With the latest hype of Korean drama and music bands, it is no wonder that hair and beauty salons featuring Korean hair styles and skin care products are on the rise. People are on the search for salons that can give them the loose, airy wave that Korean girls are always seen sporting. Or even the multi-coloured hair trend that has been circulating around the internet for a while. Either way, finding a good hair and beauty salon capable of transforming our hair and skin into what we imagined it to be is very important- especially if we have a big event coming up and we want to stun the crowd!

The advanced way to find the best hair and beauty salons in Singapore

Back in those days, good salon recommendations come by word-of-mouth. Friends and relatives talk about a salon which did a good job in rebonding or perming, but they may or may not give you the same experience in hair colouring. Now, there is a more sophisticated and complete way to check for the best hair and beauty salons in Singapore – Beauty Undercover!

Beauty Undercover is a comprehensive beauty platform that features the best and trusted hair, body, and facial salons in the Singaporean market. Their reviews are based on real customers that have personally tried and tested the services offered at the selected beauty salons. Having honest and real comments from consumers just like us allows us to have a non-biased feedback on the performance of a salon. Hence, only the best of the best will be listed on the Beauty Undercover website! The quality of the salon service will also be monitored regularly so that we, as consumers, would not be greeted with a rude shock if the service quality of a particular salon declined over time. If that happens, that salon would be removed from the Beauty Undercover website- only the best can be listed!

Beauty Undercover also features special discounts and promotions from their trusted salons, resulting in sweet deals up for grab every month! Their website comes with an easy-to-use search engine, where you can narrow down the salons you intend to visit based on the distance from your home, customer ratings, and even by location! Beauty Undercover welcomes beauty experts like you to regulate the beauty community by providing them with honest feedback from your experiences at all salons- hair, body, and facial. By joining their website, you are entitled to be a beauty reviewer to help out other consumers who are searching for a good and trustable salons just like yourself! We all know the doubt and uncertainty of leaving our hair, face and body to a totally new stylist. But the experience wouldn’t be so daunting if there are other reviewers who had tried the service out beforehand! New customers would know what to expect from reviews and comments, while the salons and stylists themselves can hear our feedback as consumers and improve their service. It’s a true win-win website for everyone in the beauty community!

With the constant updates and feedbacks from fellow consumers and beauty enthusiast ourselves, Beauty Undercover is truly up-to-date with the latest trends, promotions, and newest shops and salons in the market. Their trending styles and inspiration galleries also boast the latest looks and trends from different countries- perfect for us who needs a fresh look but don’t know where to start!

Together, let us regulate the beauty industry in Singapore with our feedbacks, highlight honest and skilled beauty salons that aim to bring out the best in us, and fight those predatory salons that prey on our fellow beauty sisters!

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