Berlo Translations, the number one registered professional translation company in Singapore, offers top-notch and certified translation services covering a whole line of offering, ranging from translation of general documents to those with specialized contents related to business, legal, engineering and science, medical, gaming and other fields for businesses, institutions and private individuals.

The translation company has been providing and continuously provides for accurately and promptly delivered output produced by its team of professional and expert translators. They are of service to provide clients with translation services delivered according to their requirements with regard to content, style and presentation. May it be a big business or a private individual, as long as they need something turned from one language to another, Berlo Translations is here to help.

Berlo Translations offer a wide variety of translation services such as proficient and on-time translation services, interpretation and transcription work done by generalists and experts in business, engineering, arts and more. At Berlo Translations, the range of services covers the following:

  • GENERAL DOCUMENT TRANSLATIONS in which they translate general documents like school certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, letters, blog contents, magazine articles, general reports, interview documents and many more.
  • LEGAL DOCUMENT TRANSLATIONS in which whether translating a partnership contract, an agreement or a litigation document, we ensure the precision and comprehensiveness of our output with respect to content and scope. Our translators’ knowledge and keen attention to details will provide you the translated legal document that has no ambiguity.
  • BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL DOCUMENT TRANSLATIONS in which they translate marketing collateral, financial reports and contents related to economics, bonds, equities, derivatives and the like. Berlso Translations believes that accuracy, use of appropriate business terminology and proper presentation are the key success factors in business document translation, thus clients’ materials are worked on by translators who were once business professionals themselves.
  • SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING DOCUMENT TRANSLATIONS is offered for those who are in need to translate a technical specification, laboratory manual, installation or service guide. The translators of the company with industry engineering experiences and science background are able translate the documents with an understanding of the terminologies, concepts and application of clients’ technical content, resulting in a highly accurate and professionally completed work.
  • MEDICAL TRANSLATION is offered for those who need to translate technical, regulatory or clinical documents for the pharmaceutical, medical device or healthcare field. They assure that clients’ document is translated and proofread by professionals who have the qualification and experience in these fields.
  • GAME LOCALIZATION AND VIDEO SUBTITILING in which in localization and subtitling, the company’s target is to ensure that the localized content strongly resonates with the target audience without deviating from the original material. With this in mind, they specifically assign localization and subtitling projects to translators who have the writing skills, cultural understanding and passion for the content.
  • INTERPRETATION AND TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES is provided for those who are in need of translators whether for court hearing, conference, seminar, social event or any activity. The company can provide onsite translators and transcription specialists who have the needed background and experience for the specific theme and purpose. On top of this, clients can be assured that the translators keep the strictest confidentiality of the interpretation and transcription contents.

Berlo Translation is the number one registered professional translation company in Singapore driven by its commitment to be a high-quality, complete translation agency, its certified translation services cover a whole line of offering, ranging from translation of general documents to those with specialized contents related to business, legal, engineering and science, medical, gaming and other fields. On top of these, they also offer transcription of audio-video files as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services for meetings and conferences. For more information, visit:

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