Best times where magicians can become a wedding entertainment


For some, having a magician as a wedding entertainment Singapore is not the best choice to make. They picture it out to be more appropriate during birthdays as magicians are to known to be a little bit tacky. Thus, it makes them inappropriate in formal events like weddings. However, magicians are now perceived to be more versatile for your event entertainment needs. It only goes to show that you can still score good points from guests even when magicians are part of the party and the trick lies in choosing what kind of magician to hire and what parts in the event do they come in action.

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Wedding reception in Singapore

Magicians are not really needed in wedding ceremonies. Thus, you don’t have to save a seat for them in churches or while the couple exchanges vows. But they can be very helpful in receptions especially when you don’t know to how catch the attention of the guests all at once. Magicians can perform a short act before having your wedding toast. They can be a good magnet for attention so you don’t need to rely on a good introduction speech to get each and every eyes on you since they have already been gathered up by your magicians trick.

Photo Ops

Photo Ops is important in every event especially in weddings. However, this part can become really dull and boring for others who tend to kill time while waiting for their turn. You can get the help of close up magician for this. They can hop from table to table and bring entertainment without distracting your picture taking activities.

Cocktail hour

Guests usually dance and have chit chats during cocktail hours. But know that there are shy guests which may need a little motivation and encouragement to lighten up. You cannot really go over your guests one by one as you’ll for sure be preoccupied with lots of greetings and best wishes through out the night. You can instruct the magician to help these guests loosen up with some tricks that can make them more comfortable and feel very welcomed in the party.

Tying the knot is a special event for you and your significant half. It is a day to celebrate love and life. Thus, it would be nice to make the event more fun by maximizing different resources. If you want something different other than doves and bouquets for you wedding event, you can consider magicians as part of your event entertainment Singapore.

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